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Rise Interactive’s 404 Checker is an automated alert tool which checks the validity of URL destination links. Instead of advertisers having to manually monitor the HTTP status header for each unique URL within a large campaign, Rise’s 404 checker takes care of this task.

With all Paid Search data entered into Rise’s 404 Link Checker, advertisers can modify details pertaining to the campaigns they are running. Reports can be generated based on the settings customized by the user by scheduling days on which reports will run. With this automated tool, all pulling and validating of active ad and keyword destination URLs is completed on the set schedule. All reports will be emailed to the specified email addresses along with being available for download directly from the 404 Checker dashboard.

The 404 Checker is part of Rise Interactive’s suite of paid search technology software along with PPCReporter and our proprietary feed processer management tool, FeedPro .

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