5 Key Tools for Social Media Campaigns

January 30th, 2013 by

Social media analytics matter, and an increasing amount of companies are realizing its efficacy.  Rise Interactive has five important new tools that might belong in your digital marketing shed, so read on to see how each matches up! 


Wildfire offers both free services (such as its Social Media Monitor) along with paid services (Social Marketing Suite, data-driven analytics, and customer support). It was purchased by Google in July for $250 million, and continues to build upon a stellar reputation, wide-ranging resources, and an increasingly important skillset. With Wildfire, customers can expect both reliability and ingenuity. Instead of placing ads based on search query keywords, Wildfire campaigns are targeted on behavioral and personal data obtained from social media profiles. It now serves over 21,000 customers, and counts 30 of the top Fortune 50 brands as clients.


CEO Dan Holowock defined TwitSprout in clear terms—no jargon, smart alerts over weekly reports, and social strategy education, all on one page. It calls itself the “one page Twitter dashboard,” and for some users, that “one page” is the most attractive feature. Users can see everything displayed at once, from followers and tweets to growth rate percentages and influence indicators. TwitSprout’s graphs are easy to read, and what it might lack in complexity of analysis, it makes up for with simplicity and ease of use. Those looking for a no-frills insight into social media (especially Twitter) can do well here.

Simply Measured

While web dashboards seem all the rage, Simply Measured takes a different approach: social media analytics generated straight into Microsoft Excel. Because Excel is the tool of choice for marketers and PR professionals, it is a powerful asset to those looking for streamlined data in their statistical reports. Another point of interest is that Simply Measured is simply growing—in a big way.  CEO Adam Schoenfeld announced on January 22nd that $8 million has been raised, and that not only is Simply Measured thinking big about the future, it’s thinking “monster truck rally” and “NASDAQ big.” If you’re interested in a company whose workforce and customer care time are experiencing major growth, get on board with Simply Measured.


Already with a VIP list of Fortune 500 clients—McDonalds and Nestle among them—and three Preferred Marketing Developer badges from Facebook, the Czech-based Socialbakers is the “go big or go home” of social media monitoring and analytics. It serves over 1,000 clients in 75 different countries (including at least 100 of the Fortune 500 companies), and integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. What’s more, its energy goes into tracking social responses to major events, such as presidential elections and athletic championships.  Ever wonder how Twitter and Facebook users respond to the Super Bowl or the finale of The Bachelor? Socialbakers may be for you.


Rather than act as a jack-of-all-trades, Zuum has flourished because of its specific and multifaceted focus on Facebook. Its goal: to help strategists, marketers, and page managers determine what each brand should be doing on Facebook, and how to utilize tools to engage the most fans. If you’re wondering how your brand is performing relative to the competition, Zuum provides a series of high-level questions about your Facebook page, and returns with critical contextual clues and analytic matrices needed to ascertain current standing and future decisions.  The best part might be simple efficiency—return time on answers is usually between only three to five minutes. Look for community analysis, campaign tips, and rankings of influential posts to round out what Zuum can do for you.