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Rise Interactive's FeedPro is a proprietary feed management technology capable of solving multiple eCommerce inventory-related inefficiencies with regard to Paid Search marketing. To understand the value of FeedPro you must ask yourself the following questions:

Am I paying to advertise on out-of-stock inventory?

Is competitor pricing hurting my Paid Search program?

If you answered yes to either question, then our feed management technology could be right for you.

FeedPro uses a combination of inventory product feeds and licensed competitive pricing data to ensure your Paid Search program achieves maximum profitability. FeedPro will pause advertising for out-of-stock items, create ads for new inventory and adjust your advertising based on competitor pricing.

Save Money - If your company runs out of inventory of a given product, FeedPro will pause all advertising on that product to ensure you’re not spending money on advertising when the odds of a consumer purchasing is reduced.

Save Resources - If your company adds a new line of products to your site, FeedPro will automatically create a campaign structure, keywords and ads for all the new products based on the product feed.

Consider Competitors - If your price exceeds a competitor’s price by a preset limit (15%, for example), advertising for those products can be paused so that budget can be spent in more profitable campaigns.

FeedPro is part of Rise Interactive’s suite of paid search technology software along with PPCReporter and our 404 Checker.

If you are interested in learning more about FeedPro and what it can do for your business, please download the complete Media Kit.

Contact us to learn more about how FeedPro can help you better manage your Paid Search campaigns.



One-Minute Explanation of the Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update

Google Hummingbird

Google announced its Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update on September 26th. Here are the details, explained in one minute:


Hummingbird is the new search algorithm that Google uses to sort through its information and web pages, in the hopes of returning relevant answers that meet today’s...

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Five Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2015

Social Habits to Ditch in 2015

If you’re hoping to boost your social presence in 2015, you might want to let some of your 2014 habits go and develop new ones for success in the New Year. Check out these five tips from Rise’s social media team to help you move forward in 2015.


1. Stop Relying Solely on Facebook’s Organic...

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Dusting for Digital Fingerprints

In an episode of Mad Men, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce holds a focus group to unearth what women really want when the agency is trying to win the Ponds’ Cold Cream business. When the results differ from Don Draper’s campaign focus, he sticks to his original idea instead of adapting it to...

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Marketing-palooza: How To Show Off Your Brand At Music Festivals

Music Festival MarketingThere are places that you expect to find long lines of people waiting at music festivals: the entrance, the porta-potties and the beer tents, just to name a few. What may surprise you are the large groups of people queued up in front of brand activations; the areas within a music festival where...

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Is Display Advertising Still a Healthy Form of Marketing?

There is a lot of industry chatter around the impact of display advertising. Does display advertising work? Are consumers impacted even if they don’t click on ads? Is there value in view—through conversions? We decided to run a test to find out. Click through below to see what we learned:




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Failing to Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

The holiday season is fast approaching, and for those of us in the paid search world it is vital to have the proper strategy in place. Search volume for the perfect gifts will skyrocket as consumers begin to shop for holiday gifts, and brands who successfully optimize their campaigns can expect to...

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Facebook Marketplace vs. Exchange Ads: 3 Important Differences

Facebook AdvertisingIf you are one of the thousands of marketers who utilize Facebook advertising, it may be difficult to keep up with all of the new changes Facebook has implemented this past year. Facebook currently offers two main categories of ads. The first category includes Marketplace Ads which consists of...

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Testing & Optimization


Return on Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Equip marketing teams to act on facts, rather than intuition, buzzwords or hunches
  • Ensure that all content delivers an optimal user experience 
  • Identify areas for improvement by implementing A/B or multivariate testing
  • Increase conversion rates through actionable insights


Why Rise

Rise is laser-focused on statistically relevant results and...

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Running Your Digital Strategy like an NCAA Football Team

Deciding on a cohesive digital strategy can be quite confusing, and it can be easy to overlook the importance of one segment. However, it is vital to use multiple channels together for their different strengths to beat out your competition.  Similarly, in NCAA football, having a team...

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Boosting Your Brand Beyond Social

Over the last five to seven years, brands have hopped aboard the social media train. With hopes of gaining fans and followers, they jumped right in with little information about the measurements that truly mattered and the right approach for using it. I mean, look at this tweet from Whole Foods, (a...

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