In The News: Rise Interactive Named a Winner at the 2013 Client Advisor Awards

CHICAGO, February 6, 2013 – Rise Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Chicago, today announced that it has been recognized as a winner of the 2013 Client Advisor Awards in the Mid-Size Professional Services Firm category.

The Client Advisor Awards is the country’s only award program honoring the economic impact of professional services firms, advisor professionalism and ‘clients of choice’. Established in 2005, the program sets the standard for best practice behavior and results in the relationships between professional services firms and their clients. 

“Every year at the Client Advisor Awards, we spotlight a small, elite group of professional services advisors within that massive marketplace,” said Andrew Dietz, principal at Creative Growth Group and founder of the awards program. “The program honors only the most exceptional expert firms for creating standard-setting client experiences and outcomes.”

Twenty-two finalists were selected from a large pool of nominees across a range of professional disciplines. Judges evaluated the finalists’ client-engagement case studies in six areas: collaboration, creativity, content and value orientation, capability, credibility and results generated relative to the project’s level of difficulty.

Award recipients were unveiled during the 2013 Client Advisor Awards dinner on January 31 at the Cherokee Town Club in Atlanta, featuring acclaimed USA Today technology journalist, author and speaker Kevin Maney, who discussed creating client value through digital experiences.

(from left to right) Mark Benoit: Senior Solutions Manager, Jon Morris: Founder and CEO, Michael Osacky: Digital Strategist


About Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive is a digital marketing agency in Chicago which specializes in digital media and analytics. Founded in 2004, Rise Interactive leverages customized reporting to equip quantitatively-minded individuals with actionable insights. The agency’s Interactive Investment Management philosophy ensures that a client’s budget is allocated to the most profitable marketing channels. For more information, visit http://www.riseinteractive.com or follow the company on Twitter @riseinteractive.

About Client Advisor Awards and Creative Growth Group, Inc.

Since 2005, Creative Growth Group, Inc. has held the annual Client Advisor Awards (www.clientadvisorawards.com). This year’s sponsors include Cassidy Turley, Comcast Business Class, Global, and Bauerhaus Creative. Based in Atlanta, GA, Creative Growth Group, Inc. (www.creativegrowthgroup.com) is a marketing and business development agency which exclusively helps professional services firms to grow client relationships and revenue. For more information, contact Andrew Dietz at 404-664-7484 or andrew@creativegrowthgroup.com.

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Audit & Implementation


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