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The majority of our competitors focus on link building to help companies improve their positioning in the major search engines.  Although we agree that this is important, we believe that the primary goal of link building should be to acquire high quality industry links to your site that will drive qualified traffic to your site.

By accomplishing the main goal of acquiring high quality links, our clients will receive the added benefit of improving their positioning in the major search engines.

To acquire links for our clients, we constantly analyze and license all of the tools in the marketplace.  We additionally have built our own proprietary tools that allow us to identify and contact prospective links faster.  Our link building services entail:

Existing Link Analysis:

  • Anchor Text Audit
  • Deep Linking Analysis

Link Acquisition Strategy:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • High Quality Link Prospecting
  • Social Media Link Building Strategy

Learn more about why Link Building is a key element to any SEO strategy, or learn more about all of our search marketing and traffic generation services.

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Top 5 Ways to Maximize Customer Acquisition and Increase Revenue Online

ecommerce shopping cart

Creating a successful online presence in order to gain new customers and increase sales isn’t a one-stop shop anymore. In fact, it never really was, and now that the Internet has opened up so many channels for social media, search engine marketing, SEO strategies and a variety of other realms...

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Gmail Tabs: How Marketers Should Respond and Adapt in 2014

Each year, Google introduces a handful of changes that make the hearts of Internet marketers everywhere skip a few beats. This year, not only did the company introduce major changes to the algorithm, such as with Hummingbird, but the Gmail interface was completely revamped with new tabs.

Now, when...

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Outsourcing Your Inbound: When It’s Time To Bring In the Experts

It’s a jungle out there in the business world. Beyond the day-to-day challenges of running a company, there’s an additional—and sometimes seemingly insurmountable—hurdle to cross: marketing your business so that it can stand out and above the vast array of options laid out for consumers. Today’s...

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3 Local Search Techniques That Will Be More Important in 2014

Local SearchOver the last seven years, the techniques that marketers use to enhance local search results have evolved. Today’s strategies are more intricate than those of the past, with special focus on webpage formatting, keyword placement and geographic signals.

It’s a bit ironic, though, that local-search...

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5 Steps To Higher Converting Landing Pages

Landing Page ConfusionYour competitors are getting smarter and fiercer. More and more companies are learning why conversion rate optimization is the game changer in online marketing. Don’t fall behind! Here are the top things to test on your landing pages to skyrocket the number of leads and sales you generate from the...

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Running Your Digital Strategy like an NCAA Football Team

Deciding on a cohesive digital strategy can be quite confusing, and it can be easy to overlook the importance of one segment. However, it is vital to use multiple channels together for their different strengths to beat out your competition.  Similarly, in NCAA football, having a team...

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Rise Trading Desk

Your Online Ad Exchange Company

Display advertising is an important investment and must be treated as such, that is why it is critical to partner with a premier online ad exchange like the one offered by Rise Interactive. At Rise, we are able to provide online ad exchange services through our online media buying platform, Trading Desk. With Trading Desk you can improve the media buying process for the campaigns you manage by providing:


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Innovation on the Rise in Chicago

We are proud and excited to say that out of an astounding 552 nominees, Rise Interactive has been selected as one of the Top 100 Finalists still in the running for the 13th annual Chicago Innovation Awards for its Interactive Investment Management (IIM) philosophy.

These awards celebrate the most...

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Audit & Implementation


Return on Audit & Analytics Implementation

  • Define key metrics and implement proper analytics to track against desired business outcomes
  • Increase data reliability and customize reporting 
  • Minimize technical irregularities and ensure compliance with platform specifications


Why Rise

A properly implemented analytics platform is critical to any data-driven marketing strategy. At Rise, our certified...

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One-Minute Explanation of the Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update

Google Hummingbird

Google announced its Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update on September 26th. Here are the details, explained in one minute:


Hummingbird is the new search algorithm that Google uses to sort through its information and web pages, in the hopes of returning relevant answers that meet today’s...

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