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The majority of our competitors focus on link building to help companies improve their positioning in the major search engines.  Although we agree that this is important, we believe that the primary goal of link building should be to acquire high quality industry links to your site that will drive qualified traffic to your site.

By accomplishing the main goal of acquiring high quality links, our clients will receive the added benefit of improving their positioning in the major search engines.

To acquire links for our clients, we constantly analyze and license all of the tools in the marketplace.  We additionally have built our own proprietary tools that allow us to identify and contact prospective links faster.  Our link building services entail:

Existing Link Analysis:

  • Anchor Text Audit
  • Deep Linking Analysis

Link Acquisition Strategy:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • High Quality Link Prospecting
  • Social Media Link Building Strategy

Learn more about why Link Building is a key element to any SEO strategy, or learn more about all of our search marketing and traffic generation services.

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YouSnooze, YouLose: Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Skip on YouTube

Video production and consumption is exploding, with over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute and over 6 billion hours of video watched every month. In fact, eMarketer reports that the US audience for digital video will surpass 200 million in 2015, making up almost two-thirds of the entire...

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Video Optimization Best Practices for YouTube

YouTube Upload Optimization

As more and more consumers adopt the “unplugged” lifestyle of consuming their TV and video content via their wireless devices and the internet, brands are scrambling to ramp-up their digital video strategy. Predictions from eMarketer show that digital video spend will increase $5 billion annually...

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WGN’s Nancy Loo Speaks at Rise Interactive

As a part of Rise Interactive's ongoing staff enrichment series AMPLIFY, WGN Morning News reporter and 2013 Social Media Person of the Year Nancy Loo came by our offices today and let us in on some of the secrets of her phenomenal social media success.


Nancy Loo, also known by her Chicago...

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Showrooming: The Good, The Bad, and How Digital Marketers can Use It to Their Advantage

While standing in your store, a customer is thinking about purchasing your product. However, before making the final decision, they decide to take one last step: do a bit more research on their smartphone. In seconds, they can view dozens of product reviews and competitor pricing, some of which is...

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Gmail Tabs: How Marketers Should Respond and Adapt in 2014

Each year, Google introduces a handful of changes that make the hearts of Internet marketers everywhere skip a few beats. This year, not only did the company introduce major changes to the algorithm, such as with Hummingbird, but the Gmail interface was completely revamped with new tabs.

Now, when...

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Marketing-palooza: How To Show Off Your Brand At Music Festivals

Music Festival MarketingThere are places that you expect to find long lines of people waiting at music festivals: the entrance, the porta-potties and the beer tents, just to name a few. What may surprise you are the large groups of people queued up in front of brand activations; the areas within a music festival where...

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Brush up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The two biggest shopping days of the year are right around the corner and it is important for marketers to be prepared. Check out these shopping statistics to know where to focus your preparation efforts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Black FridayBlack Friday

  • $12.3...

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Get Your Brand Drafted by the Fantasy Football Demographic

Fantasy Football, two words long-synonymous with backyard barbecues, men entrenched on couches, and countless bowls of half-eaten chips and dip, has quickly become a money-making bullseye for digital marketers. But what’s changed? Why should marketers pay attention to Fantasy Football? Here are...

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Interactive Investment Management (IIM)

Rise Interactive Investment Management

In the not so distant past, marketers were making multi-million dollar decisions based on gut instinct.  There was a time when marketers’ responsibilities ended at creating engaging, compelling pieces of output. The old adage that “marketers knew that 50% of their marketing budget was working, but didn’t know which 50%,” actually was acceptable. As savvy,...

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Return on Attribution

  • Measure interactions along the customer journey
  • Compare performance across marketing channels 
  • Assign credit to the marketing tactics influencing conversion


Why Rise

Rise’s industry-leading analytics experts help marketers answer the most burning question in advertising — what touch points are truly impacting customer buying decisions? Going beyond what was previously possible...

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