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Why Partner With Rise

Leaders in Performance Based Internet Marketing

Rise Interactive was built on the philosophy of performance based internet marketing. That understanding and analyzing analytics is core to providing optimal return for corporations. This approach, known as Interactive Investment Management (IIM), is central to all of the services and technology we provide our agency customers.

There are three main ways agencies utilize Rise Interactive:

1.    Our suite of Paid Search Technology:

  • FeedPro – Automated Feed Management System that provides a solution for managing complex and rapidly changing paid search campaigns
  • PPCReporter – Aggregation and ROI management platform allowing you to view all your paid search campaigns and results in one central location
  • 404 Checker - Rise Interactive’s 404 Checker is an automated alert tool which checks the validity of URL destination links.

2.    Trading Desk – Online Media buying platform

  • Trading Desk provides our customers the ability to continually optimize campaigns through one central platform. Also known as a digital media trading/buying platform, Rise Interactive’s proprietary Trading Desk technology allows for unique access to powerful audience-based buying which delivers unmatched results through the majority of display inventory made available across leading ad exchanges. Learn More.

3.    The Rise Premier Partner Program

  • As a leader in driving qualified traffic to websites and generating measurable ROI for customers we are very selective about who we partner with. However, we do understand the value the right partner can bring.

We also know elite partnerships are not just a one way street and have created our tier based program to recognize our various levels of partnerships.

To learn how to qualify for the program and the benefits we provide, please Contact a Representative.



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