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Why Partner With Rise

Leaders in Performance Based Internet Marketing

Rise Interactive was built on the philosophy of performance based internet marketing. That understanding and analyzing analytics is core to providing optimal return for corporations. This approach, known as Interactive Investment Management (IIM), is central to all of the services and technology we provide our agency customers.

There are three main ways agencies utilize Rise Interactive:

1.    Our suite of Paid Search Technology:

  • FeedPro – Automated Feed Management System that provides a solution for managing complex and rapidly changing paid search campaigns
  • PPCReporter – Aggregation and ROI management platform allowing you to view all your paid search campaigns and results in one central location
  • 404 Checker - Rise Interactive’s 404 Checker is an automated alert tool which checks the validity of URL destination links.

2.    Trading Desk – Online Media buying platform

  • Trading Desk provides our customers the ability to continually optimize campaigns through one central platform. Also known as a digital media trading/buying platform, Rise Interactive’s proprietary Trading Desk technology allows for unique access to powerful audience-based buying which delivers unmatched results through the majority of display inventory made available across leading ad exchanges. Learn More.

3.    The Rise Premier Partner Program

  • As a leader in driving qualified traffic to websites and generating measurable ROI for customers we are very selective about who we partner with. However, we do understand the value the right partner can bring.

We also know elite partnerships are not just a one way street and have created our tier based program to recognize our various levels of partnerships.

To learn how to qualify for the program and the benefits we provide, please Contact a Representative.



In The News

In our effort to stay at the cutting edge of Internet marketing, Rise Interactive is constantly monitoring and researching the dynamic industry. Our research and analysis inspires the development of new products and services and stimulates comments and suggestions that support our position as a thought leader. We often announce the launch of new offerings, our stance regarding the latest in Internet marketing, or news about our leadership and its...

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Top 3 Site Design Errors That Kill Organic Traffic

SEO DeathWebsites are not meant to be static properties. Updates and redesigns that add useful new content and improve upon the user's experience on the site are vital to the health of any web property. Visitors are motivated to return to your page often to get new information and see what's changed. Search...

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One-Minute Explanation of the Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update

Google Hummingbird

Google announced its Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update on September 26th. Here are the details, explained in one minute:


Hummingbird is the new search algorithm that Google uses to sort through its information and web pages, in the hopes of returning relevant answers that meet today’s...

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What’s Next for Digital Marketing in Retail? (VIDEO)

Leading up to the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), I sat down with our VP of Digital Strategy Howard Diamond to discuss three components of digital marketing for retailers that he believes will be the most important in the upcoming year.


Key Takeaways

  1. Getting a better...

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Prioritizing the Patient Experience: 3 Ways Marketing Can Improve the Patient Experience

Patient Experience Healthcare is a business, there’s no denying it. Hospitals and clinics need to generate leads and measure conversions just like any other industry. However, due to the personal nature of a doctor-patient relationship, healthcare marketers must approach their craft a little differently. The...

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How to Utilize Crowdsourcing in Your Brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy

CrowdsourcingThe development of creative work that represents your brand is an important step in exposing your message to the public. In the past, this meant sitting through meetings with advertising agencies and marketing companies, trying to communicate your ideas and goals to their creative staff. While...

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Brand Alchemy: How To Turn Negative Consumer Reviews Into Golden Opportunities

Negative consumer reviews“Earned” media such as customer reviews are potent, persuasive, and personal—70 percent of global consumers trust online reviews to provide them with useful, credible information when making purchase decisions. In fact, today’s consumers seek information from an average of 10 different sources...

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Return on Attribution

  • Measure interactions along the customer journey
  • Compare performance across marketing channels 
  • Assign credit to the marketing tactics influencing conversion


Why Rise

Rise’s industry-leading analytics experts help marketers answer the most burning question in advertising — what touch points are truly impacting customer buying decisions? Going beyond what was previously possible...

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Boosting Your Brand Beyond Social

Over the last five to seven years, brands have hopped aboard the social media train. With hopes of gaining fans and followers, they jumped right in with little information about the measurements that truly mattered and the right approach for using it. I mean, look at this tweet from Whole Foods, (a...

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“Undo Changes” Added to AdWords

Everyone makes mistakes. Google AdWords just made it a lot easier to fix these mistakes with a new feature in its Change History reports. Now, for simple changes such as budget and bid adjustments, you can simply press the ‘Undo Changes’ button:

Undo Your Changes

After clicking the button, which looks eerily...

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