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Customer Insights & Analytics

    Customer Insights & Analytics

    With access to more data than many marketers know what to do with, our role is use that data to shine a light on customers’ intentions and interactions, while providing them with the most personalized experiences possible at key points of their customer journeys. To achieve this, we work to truly understand – and even predict – the intents of your current and prospective customers.

    We’re here to help you understand what products your customers are purchasing, what their transactions mean, what services they’re interested in, and how this fits into the context of your business goals. By using customer insights to develop a framework for optimizing and predicting outcomes and leveraging expertise in marketing measurement, we know how to extract the data needed to make informed decisions.

    How we’re doing it

    We’re building rich customer profiles through first party data, and then appending data and applying customer insights across your entire business. The close integration between Rise’s analytics, media, and customer experience teams enables us to help you seamlessly turn these customer insights into action.

    While our approach looks at lifetime value and cost per acquisition, we’re also evaluating the conditional value to understand the more granular significance of each customer.

    This allows customer insights to be used as an impartial scorecard to internal stakeholders – proving or validating current assumptions and adding new learnings that provide even deeper understanding.

    Our team is focused on helping you gain a single view of your customers, obtaining the right type of intelligence, understanding it in the context of your overall business, modeling it to provide value, and then supplementing it with further insights. Our customer data analytics capabilities not only help you truly understand your current customers and their value, but can enable you to attract, grow, and retain more like them.

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