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Associate Director, SEO

Two Essential B2B Lead Generation Tactics

In the world of B2B marketing, the sales lead is everything. It’s what drives marketers to try different types of rhetoric, experiment with social media and, ultimately, develop new ways to reach potential clients.

In fact, most innovations in marketing result from the challenge of generating leads. Every business can benefit from more leads, but the difficulty lies in uncovering the best methods for generating them.

One of the most reliable ways to both generate leads and condense the sales cycle is inbound marketing. A variety of lead-generation techniques fall under the umbrella of inbound marketing, but the general strategy remains the same: First, the company attracts potential clients using social media, blogging or content syndication; then, it converts them to customers using carefully designed landing pages and calls to action. Below, you’ll find breakdowns of two of the most effective methods of B2B lead generation through inbound marketing:

1. Social Media Marketing
One of the most crucial steps of any marketing effort is connecting with a pool of client prospects. Social media has made this simpler and more complex all at once.

Facebook alone boasts more than 1.23 billion active users. This may sound like the Holy Grail for marketers, but it isn’t as easy as sharing content and waiting for bites. With so many users and the sheer number of businesses with a presence on social media, it can be difficult to catch the attention of potential clients.

That’s why it’s important to “target” any social media marketing effort. Targeting refers to identifying the users interested in a particular business and engaging with them effectively and consistently.

Each platform offers businesses a unique way to monitor and interact with its potential client base. For instance, Twitter uses hash-tags to create ongoing and widespread conversations about topics.

There are similarly unique avenues to reach clients on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Paid social efforts can use the high volume of demographic data readily available to the platforms to serve messaging to demographics most likely to click your type of content. In addition, geographic targeting can add a deeper opportunity for personal connections using contextual messaging. Marketing Sherpa reports that social media marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of inbound marketing.

2. Blogging That Uses Keywords Effectively (yet Sparingly)
There are two factors that make blogging a viable method for generating leads for B2B marketers: First, people love search engines. Google reports that it processes 1.3 billion searches every day, and our reliance on search engines doesn’t seem to be slowing. Second, search engines love keyword-rich blogs. The blogs serve the dual purpose of drawing in targeted leads as well as demonstrating your thought leadership in an area that you know they are interested in (because they searched for it!). If you can strike the right balance between keyword use, strong writing and entertaining content, search engines will funnel the leads to you.

The Future of B2B Lead Generation
Marketers are always looking for “the next big thing” because the mediums we use to generate leads are constantly evolving. The Modern Marketing Blog recently provided a glimpse into the future of inbound marketing.

As always, new platforms—in this case Slideshare—will be the most discussed, but there are many other creative strategies that are poised to take over in the near future. For example, quizzes are a highly effective way to interact with potential clients and are more likely to generate likes and shares on social media. Mobile content marketing is also a burgeoning strategy. In the end, the marketer who wins will be the one who understands a range of lead-generation options and develops a consistent, sustainable system for optimal use of these strategies.

If you’d like to know more about how Rise Interactive can help your brand generate new, highly targeted leads, contact us.

08/22/2014 at 02:38

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