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What’s On the Horizon for 2018: Predictions from Rise's Partners

With 2018 right around the corner, many marketers are already deep in planning. As we prepare to welcome the new year, we asked some of our valued partners to share their thoughts of what’s to come. Here’s what leaders at Google, Impact Radius, 4C Insights, Quad/Graphics, and Conversion Logic had to say:

Google: Mobile and new ways to connect have created more consumer touchpoints than ever before. But new touchpoints bring more data, creating challenges for marketers to find customer insights quickly. In 2018, it will be important to bring your data together to move from a channel-first to a customer-first strategy. Businesses that integrate multiple sources of customer data significantly outperform other companies in terms of sales, profits, and margin. We recommend for brands to merge data through integrations of all systems - call centers, loyalty programs, website, media channels and more. The greatest opportunity for marketers is to break down data silos to get a better view of the customer journey. From there, connect data insights to improve customer experiences and increase customer lifetime value. Ask yourself, what new customer insights could we unlock by combining our customer data?

Impact Radius: We are seeing more brands begin to leverage the affiliate channel to manage non-traditional partners such as influencers, business development, and other partnerships that can be paid and measured on a performance basis. As a result, the channel is expanding both from a revenue and importance to the business perspective. This trend started gaining momentum in 2017 but we believe it will expand even further in 2018. Additionally, in order for marketers to stay ahead of the curve, they need to ensure that they have the best solution and resources in place for managing their performance marketing channel that gives them the most control and access to data. Marketers that are adept at taking advantage of and making the most of their data will have the advantage over those that continue to plod along leveraging legacy data points.

4C Insights: Social and search advertising are growing, with paid social spend through 4C up 129% year-over-year in the most recent quarter. This pace will continue, and Facebook and Google will benefit the most as marketers avoid non-premium, non-proven inventory on the open web. Increasingly, advertisers prefer to deal with fewer partners and focus on brand-safe placements. For example, P&G and JPMorgan Chase very publicly cut back on the number of websites they run on. This certainly plays to the favor of the duopoly, but there is plenty of opportunity for advertisers with publishers that offer many of the same attributes as Facebook and Google including large reach and scale, trusted brand safety, high audience engagement, various multimedia formats, and strong campaign ROI. As such, platforms like Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, and LinkedIn will continue to see outsized adoption and increased spend moving ahead into 2018.

Quad/Graphics: To stay ahead of the curve in 2018, marketers should resist the urge to increase audience touches and instead consider how to improve the quality of the limited consumer touches marketers do have. It will be important to find novel ways to demonstrate, communicate, and validate truly differentiated products and services.

Conversion Logic: The need for marketing intelligence solutions is a trend that will continue to increase in 2018. It is no surprise that in the CMO Spend Survey by Gartner, marketing analytics was the #1 area of spend. Marketers need an intelligence solution to unify silo-ed data across marketing and advertising channels to gain a complete picture of their customer’s journey, and tools to then activate intelligently on that data (optimization, prediction, scale, etc.). The power of machine learning can now surface data that dramatically increases a marketer’s ability to be more agile and accountable, than ever before – two of the most highly desired outcomes we hear from marketers.

As we close out 2017 and start on our 2018 journeys, reach out to Rise if we can be a resource with your digital marketing needs. To learn more about our strategic partnerships, visit our Partner page.

12/20/2017 at 08:26

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