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3 Keys for Personalization Success (Gifographic)

Recently, we shared steps for integrating personalization into your digital marketing strategy: collect, understand, activate, and measure. Now that you’re moving along the path to personalization, how can you be most successful? The below gifographic shares three keys for personalization success.


If your brand is incorporating personalization into its digital marketing strategy, how can you best ensure success?

1. Understand the landscape.

As you plan out your brand’s personalization efforts, you'll want to make sure you understand what technologies are available to you. There are several options and you’ll need to identify the right solutions for your specific needs in order to be most effective.

One option is to work with a network, which may incorporate multiple technologies, but may not provide you with insight into media cost and inventory selection. The other option is to create a custom solution, where you are able to choose the technology partners that best align with your brand’s needs and goals, while having greater flexibility and reducing costs.

Having a trusted partner will make the integration of these technologies much easier, but you’ll also need to make sure you have the proper internal resources to execute your strategy.

2. Demand transparency.

Understand how your investments are being used and demand that your partners and vendors are providing transparency. That goes for anything from media pricing (with a network you may be dealing with a flat CPM, or black box effect), to audience targeting (some networks are incentivized to push certain inventory). Make sure to have a third party impartial ad server to track campaigns separately from your technology providers.

In order to truly measure the impact of your digital investment, any reporting should provide cross-channel deduplication and attribution. Transparency into viewability and fraud will also be incredibly important.

3. Confirm incremental lift.

Personalization comes at a premium. If you’re going to make the investment, you should be confident that the return it’s generating outweighs the incremental cost.

There are different ways to prove personalization is working for you. One way we recommend to our clients is through simple test and controls. You can use branded generic creative as your control group, and use personalized creative as your test group. The incremental lift will validate or invalidate your investment.

Want to learn more about incorporating personalization into your marketing efforts? Check out this recent blog post, or contact Rise.

07/16/2015 at 12:00

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