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Vice President, Digital Strategy

Content That Converts Part 2: Distributing Digital Content for Maximum Impact

Last week I introduced the topic of "Content That Converts" in Part 1 on the new creative weaponry in our arsenal. Read on to learn about the next step in successful content marketing: distribution.

The Digital Age has brought with it many conveniences of modern life, including the ability to distribute content on a global scale in a matter of nanoseconds. One problem with speedy distribution, though, is the fact that content expires nearly as fast as it’s shared. The Content Marketing Institute reminds readers that there are ways to make content live longer on the Web. Use these three tips to strengthen the impact of your company’s own digital content.

1. Coordinate a Sharing Plan With a Syndicated Strategy
A content-based marketing strategy doesn’t end with developing digital content and then posting it; indeed, businesses can increase the impact of their data-driven content by coordinated a sharing plan with a syndicated strategy. The Internet is full of niche websites, and businesses can now produce content that caters to any number of particular audiences, depending on the topic of the piece. From hiring social media gurus and search engine optimization experts to utilizing public influencers and social advocates, companies can broaden the digital reach of their content.

2. Stagger Distribution

Once a company has devised a syndicated content-sharing plan, it’s important they stagger their distribution. Readers want timely, relevant posts, and releasing one hundred percent of the content at once is only going to place a business in the limelight for just a few moments. Content that plays off of other content can be especially successful.

For example, releasing a post in parts is a great way to boost the popularity of both the current post and those before or after it that relate to it. If content is king in the world of social media sharing and modern marketing, distribution is queen.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Catchy Title

Search Engine Journal reminds readers that the title of a post is crucial when it comes to amassing a broad audience on the Web. In fact, the title is often the reason people will click on a link or not to begin with; since so much rides on the title, content producers should keep the following tips in mind.

Aside from being attention grabbing, the title should include at least one pertinent keyword. It should also be fairly brief and guide readers to the point quickly. From time to time, it’s even okay to be controversial, as readers are more likely to click on something that sparks a lively debate—whether they agree with it or not.

When producing content with a catchy title, it’s important to remember that the piece must deliver on what the title says, and posters should deliver on any promises made to readers before the end. Quality content is useless if readers don’t feel prompted to click on it in the first place, and the above tips can help with both gaining attention from the start and encouraging sharing after a quick read. Though content should be timely, it can also be timeless, and businesses who can find a balance between the two are going to thrive in the Digital Age.

Keep your eyes open for part 3 of the Content that Converts series next week. In the meantime, check out some examples of how Rise creates data-driven content.

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10/10/2014 at 08:09

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