Adrienne Cohen

Associate Director, Global Partnerships

Adobe Summit: Takeaways from the Tradeshow Trail

Members of the Rise team recently joined 12,000 of our marketing colleagues at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. As a Summit sponsor and Adobe Business Partner, each year we look forward to the conference and value the opportunity to learn about Adobe’s innovations, deep dive into product updates, and network with our peers. At this year’s Summit, “experience” was the theme of the show. Every keynote and announcement highlighted the importance of customer-led experiences in driving digital transformation. And, with the last minute addition of Ryan Gosling as a keynote speaker, Adobe delivered a wonderful experience to all those who were able to attend.

One of the main features of Adobe Summit is the release of new or updated offerings -- and 2017 was no different. Adobe unveiled Experience Cloud, a comprehensive set of cloud services designed to give enterprises everything they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Analytics Cloud, Experience Cloud is designed to provide consistent experiences across paid media.

Sensei, Adobe’s predictive analytics engine, was positioned as the heart of all their products – from anomaly detection in Analytics Cloud to delivering personalized content and experiences to customers in the virtual and physical worlds.

Integration and implementation were the focus of many sessions and keynotes. Adobe customers and service providers shared integration stories that align with our own practices here at Rise and reinforce our approach to helping clients achieve mature analytics strategies.

After a jam-packed week in Vegas with partner innovations, client meetings, celebrity sightings, and Adobe product meetings, here are a handful of our key takeaways from the show:

  • Brands need to execute and stay relevant in a digital world by connecting touchpoints in meaningful ways. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, providing an experience that is unique and personalized to your customers will give them a more compelling reason to be loyal to your brand.
  • Integrating cross-channel experiences (and sharing data across all tools) can enhance the customer journey as well as provide better insight into customer behavior.
  • Mobile has effectively become the main screen for marketers, especially early in the buying process.
  • Data is a useful storytelling tool that allows marketers to take their understanding from “who, what, and when” to “why and how.”

We hope to see you at the next Adobe Summit. To learn more about our Adobe Analytics implementation services or how we work with Adobe Experience Manager and Media Optimizer, contact Rise.


04/18/2017 at 09:39

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