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A Step Forward: Amazon Marketing Services Adds Date Picker & Advertising Reports

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a modestly new player for eComm-focused search marketers. Since its launch, it has always felt slightly behind its bigger brothers - Google, Bing, and Yahoo! - with regard to features and reporting. That is, until now.

AMS has just released it will be taking a bold step forward by releasing two much anticipated features:

  • Date Picker: The addition of the date picker allows users to easily compare date ranges and pace accounts with more accuracy in less time. This date picker can be found at the account and campaign level.

  • Advertising Reports: With this update, AMS added a revamped advertising reports section able to use customized date ranges for Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads. The addition of these reports gift marketers with a newfound ability to pull aggregate Keyword, Search Term, Advertised Product, and Placement reports across all campaigns.


What It Means for Marketers

While the functionality described above may seem rudimentary, any AMS marketer will tell you this is long overdue and opens up new doors for scale, complexity, and optimization opportunities.

Before this update, marketers (without an API connection or a bid management platform like Kenshoo) needed to navigate to each individual campaign to generate a performance report within a specified date range. Because of this, AMS accounts ran noticeably less campaigns than their Google counterparts - even when the products sold were comparable.

By streamlining the reporting, Rise expects AMS campaigns to start becoming more robust, as the amount of time required to pace, analyze, and report on an account’s performance has been cut down exponentially.

This means that future AMS marketers will be spending less time pulling campaign-level reports and more time identifying optimization opportunities and generating scale.

For questions about this update and our Amazon solution strategy, reach out to Rise.

01/22/2018 at 08:21