Ben Gemkow

Lead, Amazon & Marketplaces

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Blog / Amazon, COVID-19 Updates

New Campaign Launches on Amazon during COVID-19

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers continue to stock up on supplies online. On [...]

Blog / Amazon, Marketplace

Using Amazon DSP to Leverage Audience Data

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Advertising on Amazon goes beyond Sponsored Products and Brands. In order to maximize sales [...]

Blog / Marketplace

Introducing Target+ (Target Plus)

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Target is now officially in the marketplace game with its new platform, Target+ (Target [...]

Blog / Amazon

Amazon's Bid+ Strategy Discovery

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Similar to AdWords’ Smart Bidding, Bid+ is the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS [...]

Blog / Strategy, Retail, Amazon

Amazon Restricts International Shopping for Australia

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Amazon recently announced that Australian shoppers will only be able to purchase Amazon  [...]