Natalie Scherer

VP, Marketing

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Rise Reduces Amazon CPCs by 30% on Average Across All Clients

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Amazon ad revenue continues to grow, reaching 2.2 billion in Q2 2018. However, a recent [...]

Blog / Paid Search, Connex

Skyrocket Your Search ROI With Rise, Search Engine Land Agency of the Year

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In today’s world, search agencies have access to mostly the same tools and [...]

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Amazon Advertising is now in Connex® Analytics

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It's an exciting time in search marketing. The key players have changed, and a space [...]

Blog / Paid Search, Connex

Multiple Category Budget and Goal Pacing for Search: Now in Connex®!

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It's no secret that native search engines are not designed to provide easy-to [...]

Blog / Paid Search

Back to the "Basics": The Power of Automating Paid Search

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There is never a shortage of new betas and ad types to test in search marketing. Of [...]

Blog / Analytics, Connex

Connex® Analytics Customized Data Views

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Marketers know that the user experience within a marketing platform can vary greatly. Pulling [...]

Blog / Analytics, Programmatic, Connex

Programmatic Viewable CPM: Now Available in Connex® Analytics

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At Rise, we will never stop pursuing a more sophisticated approach to answering the [...]

Blog / Paid Search, Analytics, Connex

Moving from Cost Per Lead to ROI

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Advertisers who practice closed-loop reporting are gaining a substantial competitive edge by [...]

Blog / Personalization, Strategy, Connex

Personalization: You Are Ready, You Just Might Not Know It!

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The race to personalization is on -- and brands that are making investments in providing more [...]