Jen Pino

Director, Marketing

Rise Interactive Now a Facebook Marketing Partner Agency

For brands currently advertising on Facebook or looking to expand to the platform, Rise is uniquely equipped to bring you closer to meeting your business goals in a more efficient way.

Rise is now a Facebook Marketing Partner Agency with dedicated Facebook support for the agency and our clients. With this accreditation, we are able to provide our Paid Social team as well as our clients with access to:

  • an extensive catalog of Facebook training programs
  • Facebook graphics and collateral
  • advanced technical support and solutions engineering
  • collaborative creative workshops hosted by Facebook
  • the Facebook Blueprint community

This is an exciting time for Rise’s Paid Social initiatives. In addition to this partnership, our proprietary analytics tool Connex now supports Facebook and Instagram. This integration brings your performance data into an interactive, lightning-fast data powerhouse to allow you to cross-examine Paid Social campaigns with other business goals, such as ROAS, Closed Leads, In-Store Visits, and more.

To learn more about our Paid Social innovation, contact Rise.

08/05/2019 at 06:14

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