Stacia Doss

Senior Coordinator, Marketing Communications

Five Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2015

If you’re hoping to boost your social presence in 2015, you might want to let some of your 2014 habits go and develop new ones for success in the New Year. Check out these five tips from Rise’s social media team to help you move forward in 2015.

1. Stop Relying Solely on Facebook’s Organic Reach

As Forrester Research’s Nate Elliott proclaimed earlier this year, “Facebook Has Finally Killed Organic Reach.” It’s not completely dead, but if you’re depending on the cost-free benefits of Facebook to broaden your reach and connect with your fans, you won’t find much success. Put some budget behind your social efforts by running paid ads. If that’s not in the budget, set aside some marketing dollars to boost a post. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in generating engagement for your brand.

2. Don't Make the Conversation One-Way

The whole point of social media is to “get social.” This point speaks specifically to Facebook and Twitter. Instead of posting routine content, create content that will entice your fans and yield interaction from them. Ask them questions! Invite them to fill in the blanks. You have to think out of the box, in addition to investing in your fans. Check out these tips from Hootsuite on gaining engagement to get you started.

3. Stop Putting Your Faith in Automation

Scheduling posts is really convenient, but it isn’t the “be-all end-all” to social posting. Just because you have scheduled for something to be posted does not mean the work is done. You have to add the human interaction. As Kevan Lee of Buffer puts it, social media automation is like baking cookies. When the cookies go in the oven your work isn’t over—you check on the progress, maybe you prepare the next batch. You remain engaged from beginning to end. See how not “showing a human side” backfired on a few major brands.

4. Don’t Over-Market To or SPAM Your Followers

Social media platforms provide great opportunities to increase awareness for your brand. But you have to make sure you’re not being too sales-y with followers or you could lose them just as quickly as you gained them.

Buffer recommends following the 5-3-2 rule for social posting. Or, as we call it at Rise, the 70/20/10 rule, which places the most emphasis on posting content from others that supports your brand (70%), then posting relevant content from you (20%), with the smallest percentage invested in posting personal content that humanizes your brand (10%).

Share useful content with your followers and fans that offers them utility and generates conversations.

5. #Don't #over #hashtag.

Hashtags are a great way to ignite a conversation or join a conversation, but you must find the perfect medium for usage. Don’t hashtag every word in your tweet or Facebook post. Do hashtag relevant subjects that you’ve taken the time to research. If you’re new to hashtags, check out this post on #Hashtagology to get you started on using them, in moderation, of course.

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12/18/2014 at 09:44

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