Justin Garvin

Vice President, Media

The Importance of a Granular Paid Search Account

As the Google landscape continues to get more competitive, it’s imperative for brands to develop long-tail search strategies. A long-tail search strategy allows brands to capture niche pockets of opportunity and avoid competing on big player keywords (like Walmart or Amazon) with extremely high cost-per-clicks. At the same time, the agency space has become increasingly crowded. In today’s world, all agencies have access to much of the same industry tools and technologies. So how does an agency stand out? They focus on leveraging the right technologies in conjunction with a unique strategy that scales.

It’s All About Relevancy
Rise focuses on doing two things better than others:
1. Allocating budget to the most efficient channels, tactics, and keywords
2. Developing as relevant an experience as possible for every interaction with a potential customer

Instead of building out an account structure that is based on the way a brand’s website is laid out (campaigns mapped to categories or departments), Rise recommends building a highly granular, intent-driven account structure that is based on all the different ways someone may search for the brand. By setting up accounts this way, it allows brands to craft messaging based on different search intent goals. Differentiating top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel messaging enables the ad experience to be more relevant for what users are searching for and improves campaign success. We believe the importance of getting this granular enables us to do a few important things:

  • Identify long-tail opportunities
  • Allocate budget to the best performing keywords in real-time
  • Ensure our ad copy is as relevant as possible to the query that a potential customer searched for

Once the right structure is in place, it is then easier to start layering in audience modifiers, geography modifiers, and turning ads on/off based on triggers like seasonality, price, or competition.

Leveraging Technology to Do the Right Things, Right
Doing this at scale and creating a granular account structure can be extremely time consuming, especially for brands that have hundreds of thousands of SKUs and millions of keywords. To combat this, Rise has built a technology to help ensure search accounts are being developed, maintained, and optimized as they’re set up. By automating setup features like campaign settings, we can be confident that the account structure is not eroding over time.
Rise’s technology can also identify strong performing queries within search term reports and automatically add those top performing queries as new keywords in campaigns. By automating campaign creation for new, highly valuable keywords, our team can spend significantly more time testing strategies, whether it be new ad copy, identifying diminishing returns, or analyzing landing page opportunities.

In order to stand out in the competitive search landscape, brands must prioritize setting up their accounts properly, and at Rise we believe the key to success is making them as granular as possible all while being able to scale. No brand wants to be leaving opportunities on the table, or diminishing its perception by having potential customers encounter a poor experience. Contact Rise today to learn how to make sure your search accounts are set-up for success.

10/24/2018 at 04:45

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