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Integrating Incrementality Measurement Part 1: Solution Providers

Moving consumers through the sales funnel while maximizing budget is becoming more difficult. The challenge is especially apparent when it comes to managing online and offline data points during a multistep customer journey. 

Rise Interactive, alongside Google, Invoca, and ATI Physical Therapy, explored how to address this challenge as part of our live event Connect the Dots: Converting Offline Activity into Incremental Growth. We discussed why it’s imperative to connect all your data dots from both online and offline touchpoints — and how this approach allows you to drive incremental success, all while remaining truly audience-centric

The event began with insights from the industry experts, who discussed how their organizations make it easier for marketers to link the right data to the right strategic decisions. 

Interested in learning more? Watch the video below to see the full presentation and check out the highlights below!

Natalie Scherer (Rise Interactive): “The marketing technology we have available to us is more advanced than ever — but that also brings with it a lot more complexities. Many customers have relationships with brands both physically and digitally, and truly future-proofed strategies need to be centered in building authentic connections with our customers through consent and trust. At Rise, using data to give clients an edge is in our DNA. Since a lot of data disruption is happening right now, connecting the right data to have the right insights is key to cutting through the noise and securing growth.

Lyndey Brock (Invoca): “Especially in the considered purchase space, conversion relies on customers exiting your omnichannel digital environment to complete it. That’s why connecting offline data to that omnichannel experience is key to having command of your entire sales funnel. With Invoca’s technology, we can see who actually took offline action. This, in turn eliminates wasted dollars on digital marketing efforts. It allows you to optimize your budget around tactics that truly drive offline conversions.” 

Ming Chan (Google): “Knowing how to wield the holistic view of data that Google Ads provides is a powerful way for you to maintain your competitive edge digitally. Integrating offline data (like calls and store visit measurements) will give you a complete picture of the omnichannel impact of your Google Ads campaign and spending — which allows you to achieve better performance and greater efficiency.” 

11/03/2022 at 12:19