Whitney Stephens

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

Minute with a Marketer: Jordan Glassberg, TOMS

In this month’s Minute with a Marketer, we’re talking with Jordan Glassberg, VP of digital marketing and business development for TOMS, about his role and issues facing the industry.

Q. Can you describe your role for us?

A. On the digital marketing front, I handle SEO, SEM, affiliates, and social media. On the business development front, it's partnerships. This includes any partnerships we do in the digital arena and any partnerships we do that are product related, etc. I also work on some of the bigger-level initiatives we're thinking about as far as new company direction.

Q. What is the biggest issue facing the industry right now?

A. I think it is getting contextually relevant information to your audience. This means sending the right message at the right time to the right person. You have to make sure you're cutting through the noise — especially digitally.

Q. Can you take us through what's new and exciting at TOMS?

A. We've launched a new one-for-one, which is really exciting for us. We're doing TOMS bags with items such as handbags, backpacks, and diaper bags. Since it's a one-for-one product, with every bag we sell, we're providing a safe birth kit to women in need around the globe. This is again pushing toward the notion that we're not just a shoe company. That's very much our thesis as a brand — that there is this brand elasticity for us to go beyond just shoes and into other categories like coffee, eyewear, and now bags.

Q. What goal would you like to accomplish by the year's end?

A. I'd like to provide more shoes to kids around the world, above and beyond our forecast.

Q. What’s your favorite travel spot?

A. My favorite travel spot is Sayulita, Mexico. It’s such a great little surf town that is totally walkable, has great food and beautiful beaches. It’s one of my wife’s and my favorite places to relax.

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06/08/2015 at 12:00

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