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What Will 2021 Bring Digital Marketers?

Every year at this time, Rise publishes digital media predictions from our leaders to help prepare readers for the year ahead in marketing. In January 2020, we predicted advances in the cookieless world, cross-channel sophistication, and… definitely not a pandemic. 

To continue publishing predictions feels comical, right? Hasn’t 2020 proved to us all that the right hook comes faster than we can catch? 

Not quite. Many of the biggest shifts in our industry we’ve seen during the pandemic—digital storefronts, audience-first customer experience, pressure to justify media spend—were impending trends merely accelerated, not birthed, by 2020’s changing consumer behaviors. 

Hence, we continue to publish our predictions. Whatever 2021 brings, and however quickly it arrives, here are the biggest trends hitting the marketing industry this year.


2021 will be the year of digital customer experience. Forrester Research predicts 25% of brands will make a statistically significant improvement in customer experience this year, up from last year's reported 14% improvement. However, to achieve this goal in a complex pandemic and post-pandemic environment, businesses will need to understand the changing landscape in customer needs and pivot their businesses to deliver on those needs with new solutions. The reliance on both core digital channels but also innovation into new digital solutions will stand at the forefront of 2021, and I predict a spike in digital spend and growth, deviating from the linear growth we have seen, across the board.

- Rob Sauter, VP, Account Management

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01/07/2021 at 11:15