Whitepaper | Solving Incrementality for eCommerce

Every direct response digital marketer worth their salt has been asked some form of the following questions on more than one occasion:

  • Why should I bid on branded search when I’m first in the Organic results?
  • Won’t Organic get that traffic anyway?
  • What portion of paid media is incremental vs cannibalization of other channels?

At Rise, we routinely encounter the challenge of understanding what paid media is truly contributing to the bottom line for our clients; it is a critical question to answer in our efforts to allocate media budgets as effectively as possible. We know that there are many channels and tactics a marketer can choose to spend their budget on, so how do you decide where to spend it?

The problem is ubiquitous, but the methodologies and framework to tackle these questions are few and far between. That is, until now! This exclusive whitepaper, made in partnership with many of our clients, serves as our playbook for how leveraging data to drive more incremental results. Access it via the button and reach out with any questions you have.

About Rise Interactive

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