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Rise Roundup: Around the Web

“The only thing that’s constant is change.” These words were spoken centuries ago - and commonly attributed to the greek philosopher Heraclitus - but may as well have been shared by a digital marketer. With the industry moving at a dizzying pace, it’s part of our jobs at Rise to stay on top of new tools, industry trends, and marketing news. Each month, we’ll be sharing a brief roundup of things we’ve found interesting and key items marketers need to know.

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1. Online sales are expected to increase 9% this holiday season.

As retailers prepare for the holiday shopping season, Fortune shares findings from a Deloitte report that anticipates online sales will jump 8.5 to 9% during this year’s holiday season. The report also projects that two-thirds of every dollar spent in stores will have been influenced by online research and offers, such as comparing prices via phone while in store. This further shows that digital targeting and messaging are not only important for online experiences, but also impact the in-store journey.

2. Simplicity and accessibility are key for effective visual marketing.

Over at ClickZ, Mike O’Brien asked marketing higher-ups at companies like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Killer Infographics for their recommendations on visual content marketing best practices. These experts offer great advice on everything from designing ideal visuals for mobile, testing the strength of your infographics by reducing explanatory text, and making your content widely accessible beyond just your niche audience. All of them agree: don’t overload your viewers with too much information. Keep it simple.

3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages promises faster page loads on mobile.

Google rolled out its Accelerated Mobile Pages project, or AMP, which allows news articles to load much faster on mobile web browsers. AMP is part of Google’s bid to rival Facebook, Snapchat, and Apple, while also addressing publishers’ increasing concerns about ad blocking software.

AMP simplifies the HTML code behind much mobile web content, prioritizing speed over other functions. Google isn’t charging specifically for speeding up loading times through AMP, but may receive a cut of ad revenue if publishers use its tools to sell ads against AMP-enabled pages.

4. Checklists assist in managing ever-growing social media to-do lists.

From keeping track of constantly proliferating social media channels to staying engaged with your brand’s fans and followers, social media management is a massive, fast-paced job with myriad moving parts. This handy checklist from Kevan Lee over at TheNextWeb divides a community manager’s to-do’s into three categories -- daily, weekly, and monthly -- and offers a helpful hierarchy of most essential tasks for those insanely busy days (i.e., if you get nothing else done, just make sure you reply to everyone who reached out to you on social). Lee also includes valuable links to help managers automate tasks, schedule posts in advance, and monitor their industries on social more quickly and effectively. This is a great tool for any community manager or social media maven who wants to do her job better and reduce stress levels.

5. Context, connections, and clarity are key in a data-driven content marketing strategy.

Our own SVP of marketing, Brad Messinger, explains why a data-driven content strategy is vital to ensure you’re developing the right content, getting it in front of the right audiences, and accurately measuring its impact in "Data: The Missing Piece in your Content Strategy."

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11/03/2015 at 12:00

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