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Rise Roundup: Around the Web in February

This month, we’ve rounded up five valuable articles packed with tips and insight for delivering engaging customer experiences. Read on to learn what keeps marketers awake at night, how you should be mixing SEO with display ads, the most popular ways consumers discover new products, and more. 

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1. Customer experience tops list of marketers’ top concerns. 

Marketers seek ways to create sustainable and engaging customer experiences, but what specific objectives really concern them? eMarketer breaks down the biggest-priority goals that keep marketing leaders up at night. 

2. Here’s how to verify that your marketing investments are giving you sufficient ROI.

Your conversion funnel consists of all your marketing efforts and how they’re impacting customers at each point in their paths to purchase. From the comparison phase to making a conversion, you’ll see where you should change up your marketing mix with Moz’s Whiteboard Friday.

3. MarketingSherpa unveils where customers discover new products and how to create a seamless customer experience.

Its consumer preference survey of over 2,000 U.S. consumers reveals the main sources customers use to learn about new products. Learn where you should have a presence and how to create a seamless experience across digital channels that complements your brick-and-mortar stores.

4. These three new search advertising trends will build on customer data and prove valuable for marketers.

As technology advances, data collection remains the foundation of ad decisions. Yet Search Engine Land predicts a few new tactics will soon drive ROI: improved customer experience through feed-based search results, faster conversions through convenience, and more personal results for mobile-specific searches.

5. Digiday reveals the commercials that gave an A+ performance in Super Bowl 50.

A February recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Super Bowl. Check out how Digiday graded the nation’s biggest brands’ performances throughout the big game.


This roundup originally appeared in February’s issue of Burst emagazine.

02/29/2016 at 12:00

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