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Senior Coordinator, Marketing Communications

Riser Spotlight

Over the past month, we’ve heard from Risers on our client services, account management and innovation teams about their roles and experiences working at Rise. From their 2016 goals to what motivates them, these Risers had quite a bit to share. Hear more below.


Q. What do you do in your current role?

"I work with a variety of clients, handling their programmatic media spend and ensuring media purchased on their behalf is done efficiently and effectively, while meeting their goals." – Connor

"I manage the daily budgets and operations for a few of Rise's clients. When looking at budgets, I make sure that each client is optimizing their spend to generate as much traffic to their websites as possible." – Emily

"Each day is different, but a typical day for me involves working on any of our various projects to improve Rise’s IT infrastructure." – Montel

"I touch on a large array of projects, ranging from strategizing and implementing new tactics, to training new hires and developing new tools for the team. Most recently, I have been focused on developing projections for clients and helping them create long-term and short-term plans to meet their goals. – Kim I manage strategy and execution for cross-channel digital programs, while attempting some semblance of social normality in human interactions." – Matt


Q. What goals do you want to accomplish in the new year?

"I want to help our clients move toward deeper insights and more personalized experiences. I also want to launch a new app and eat a lot (a lot) of really amazing food." – Matt

"I’m looking forward to growing our team and implementing new processes and tools to help our team become more efficient in their work. I'm excited to see both our team and company exceed their qualitative and quantitative goals." – Kim

"I look forward to taking on an even greater variety of clients, such as e-commerce, healthcare, etc. Being involved with the different industries will help me learn more about other digital marketing strategies." – Emily


Q. What makes Rise stand out as a workplace?

"There is just something in the atmosphere here that seems to have every single person excited about achieving superior performance and remarkable results for our clients, while also helping this company become the best it can be. Every day there is a feeling of collective energy that encapsulates each Riser. I call them 'Rise Vibes'." – Connor

"I have never experienced such a “team mentality” culture before. Every employee truly wants to see their coworkers succeed. I think this positive environment is a major contributing factor to why Rise is so successful." – Emily

"The culture is what makes Rise different. I had a year and a half of consulting experience at many different organizations before Rise. No other company had as much of a welcoming, happy, hard-working culture." – Montel

"Rise is very open and has a strong spirit of testing. We are constantly partnering and exploring new ideas and working with vendors to try to create a customized, holistic, and superior experiences for clients. We are constantly striving to exceed client goals–not just meet them. This flexibility and motivation definitely sets Rise apart." – Kim


Q. What motivates you?

"The clients motivate me. I like to think Rise is truly making a difference by helping each of our clients. We use our analytical skill sets and apply it to benefit each individual company." – Emily

"My desire to do as much, if not more, for my kids as my parents did for me and my five siblings motivates me every single day." – Connor

"As geeky as it sounds, the numbers motivate me. In fact, that's what being at Rise is all about. When the numbers clearly show how our efforts are translated into results, it fuels us to try even harder to beat what we've previously achieved." – Kim


To learn more about what it’s like to work at Rise, visit our Facebook or Careers page. Read our previous Riser Spotlight post here.


12/29/2015 at 12:00

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