Stacia Doss

Senior Coordinator, Marketing Communications

Riser Spotlight

Each week, we’re chatting with Risers to learn more about their experiences at Rise and hear what career advice they have to offer. Here’s a monthly roundup of our first colleagues to be featured in this Riser Spotlight series. Read on for a Q&A with these Risers to learn about their roles, the best career advice they’ve ever received, what they hope to accomplish over the next year, and more.


Q. What do you do in your current role?

"I work on our CPG team where we focus on brand awareness. Our objective is to deliver meaningful, engaging content to consumers to drive purchase intent. One of the most interesting things in working with many of the brands is that their products are frequently bought in traditional stores and not online. It creates an opportunity for us to analyze search data to understand intent and determine ROI." – Cate

"On the SEO team, I mostly work on creating strategic keyword and meta recommendations in order to improve clients’ site traffic." – Jessica

"As a software engineer for user interface, I am responsible for implementing the designs for all the visual aspects of Rise's software, like the colors, shapes, and proportions of the elements on the web pages. I also work on all of the software’s user interactions. For example, when you click a button and something happens, I had to make that something happen." – Robert

"My role is to develop new business opportunities for Rise by creating digital strategies that will help accomplish organizations’ marketing goals." – Jeremy


Q. What are you looking forward to accomplishing over the next year?

"I am looking forward to being a full stack software engineer. When making software, there are quite a few different technologies needed and a full stack software engineer is knowledgeable in using all of them." – Robert

"I want to be able to meet more people who work on other teams. Since Rise is growing so fast, I always see new people in the caf̩. My goal is to meet at least one person a day." РJessica

"Over the next year I'm looking forward to contributing to the growth of Rise through new client acquisition. Knowing how fast we have grown already, I look forward to seeing what the company looks like in another year!" – Jeremy


Q. What is it that makes your team at Rise great?

"We work hard every day to improve our clients’ business and we have fun while doing it!" – Cate

"On the SEO team, we are always there for each other and we are always encouraged to learn new things." – Jessica

"The level of support and focus is what makes my team at Rise great. Everything we do is with purpose and with the intention of fueling the company's growth. The confidence I have in my team is what I believe will fuel my own growth as well." – Jeremy


Q. What's the best career advice you've ever received?

"Look for what should be happening and what isn't, and use that to create a new role for yourself." – Jessica

"If you constantly compare yourself to other people, you will often be disappointed. Find your own path, put your head down, and get there!" – Jeremy


To learn more about what it’s like to work at Rise, visit our Facebook or Careers page.


11/10/2015 at 12:00

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