Stacia Doss

Senior Coordinator, Marketing Communications

Riser Spotlight - November 2016

A few Risers recently shared what it’s like to work at one of Chicago’s top digital marketing agencies. Find out what members of our accounting, analytics, account management, and customer experience teams had to share about their roles at Rise and their biggest motivators.

Q. What do you do in your current role?

“I currently am focused on media management and accounts payable.” – Paul

“I work with my team as well as the account and channel teams to help prepare and analyze client deliverables for e-commerce, healthcare, and financial service brands.” – Julianne

“I help program and bring life to websites and apps for external clients.” – John

“I help to facilitate client communication and ensure project and performance execution-excellence for our fabulous clients.The majority of what I do is "digging into the data" to analyze and manage media performance in collaborating with our channel teams to make sure we are #ABC-ing it and working on delivering remarkable experiences to our clients (Always Be Crushing it!).” – Katelan

Q. What is your favorite part of working at Rise?

“I love that everyone at Rise is competitive and shares a common goal of being the best and most innovative in the industry. I think what makes Rise extra unique is this competitive intensity expressed in genuine people who equally care about your life in and out of the office.” – Julianne

“Being treated like a person rather than just a number. The environment is comfortable, respectful, and fun! Also, I love getting a bowl of Frosted Flakes at work in the morning.” – Paul

“The people. It doesn't get better than the Rise family. Everyone is sharp, driven, and kind—and for me, that's huge. Risers are incredibly smart, but it is the combination of brains and a high emotional intelligence level my peers have that is so refreshing to be around.”– Katelan

“I'm always impressed by Rise's focus on its employees. The company knows that happy employees are dedicated and work hard and they show that through the great benefits and office perks, as well as our weekly feedback sessions. Plus I've always been a database nerd, so Rise's data-driven approach makes me feel right at home.” – John

Q. What's your team like and what do you like most about it?

“Where do I start? My team is like the rat-pack of nerd-liciousness. We are a tight team and our Friday team meetings are the best way to end the week. We have learning sessions with a beer to round out the productive week.” – Katelan

“My team is composed of extremely intelligent individuals who know everything, and I mean everything, analytical as well as digital. There hasn't been a question or project someone hasn't been able to help tackle. People take their jobs seriously yet don't take themselves too seriously which makes for a productive and entertaining minute to minute in the office.” – Julianne

“The CX team has more than doubled in size recently, and the amazing thing about the team is that each person has a diverse history and skillset. There is nothing we can't design or build, and that's due to the fact that we're all passionate about the work we do and support each other.” – John

“The squad gets along great. Everyone on our team is dedicated, helpful, and team-oriented. The massive amount of contribution each team member adds allows us to keep things running smoothly.” – Paul

Q: What motivates you?

“I'm motivated by challenges and learning new skills. If there is a project that's new and unusual, I'm immediately interested in finding a solution.” – John

“Within Rise, my goal is to grow personal and professionally. Being involved at a rapidly growing company allows me to conquer both. It is exciting and sometimes chaotic.” – Paul

“I am motivated by seeing the end result. Whether this is envisioning what I want to attain, physically seeing the end product of what has been created, or analyzing how my team's work has impacted clients, knowing I play an active role in the end result is my internal motivator on a daily basis.” – Julianne

To learn more about what it’s like to work at Rise, visit our Facebook or Careers page.

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11/02/2016 at 07:05

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