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Showcasing Your Brand to Drive Results on Amazon

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Meet the speakers:

Karen began her career in CPG Marketing working on Lucky Charms at General Mills in the mid 90s. While there, she developed a passion for New Products and Innovation that she carried with her across a variety of positions at Square Roots (a Minneapolis-based Nutrition Start-Up she co-founded in the early 2000’s) PepsiCo and finally Reynolds Consumer Products, where she has been for the past decade. After a variety of assignments across the Reynolds and Hefty businesses, Karen was tapped to start the RCP eComm Group in 2014. The team has grown considerably and she now focuses on running the Reynolds & Hefty portfolio of brands on Amazon. Karen has a passion for search, continuous content innovation, and profitability. She has her undergrad degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University, and her MBA from Northwestern.

Scott Collins is the Sr. Product Manager responsible for Brand ads and Shopping Experiences at Amazon. His main focus is on enabling beautiful and personalized brand experiences on Amazon.

His curiosity and interest in a multitude of disciplines outside of his field of work contribute to the creative mindset he brings into everything he does and allows him to make connections with everyone he meets. His experience living abroad in Eastern Europe taught him to communicate effectively despite language and cultural barriers. His 4,000-mile bike ride across the United States taught him the process and the value of breaking down dauntingly large tasks into manageable pieces. He has experienced failure, setbacks, and success. The collection of these experiences, both professionally and personally, fuels his drive to be a part of a community focused on significant change.

Justin is responsible for leading strategy development and execution for all of Rise's media and analytics channels: SEO, Paid Search, Programmatic, Affiliate, Paid Social, and Analytics. Over his 8+ years working at Rise, he has worked on a variety of teams to become a strategic partner to Fortune 500 clients.

Shafique is responsible for leading strategy development and execution for the Amazon & Marketplaces service lines at Rise. With over 10 years of experience across a variety of emerging digital marketing channels (Email, Paid Search, and now Marketplace), Shafique continues to strive to be at the forefront of where customers plan to spend their next dollar.

Cate is responsible for leading strategy and managing client relationships at Rise. Over her 5+ years of working at Rise, Cate has experience across all digital marketing channels, focusing on CPG and Ecommerce clients. Cate has a passion for working with complex, omni-channel clients who are at the forefront of customer-first digital marketing.

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