Natalie Scherer

VP, Marketing

Solving Paid Search Challenges for B2B Brands

Traditional B2B tactics, such as in-person event sponsorships and direct mail campaigns, have been turned upside-down in 2020. As the B2B buyer’s journey increasingly occurs online, accelerated further by public health crises in 2020, marketers need more innovative strategies for deploying digital media to drive qualified opportunities and stay in front of their consumers throughout the purchase process.

If you’re managing a B2B search program (or looking to launch one), how are you optimizing toward leads that bring in revenue? If your budget and bandwidth are being used on lower-intent actions such as information requests, you’re missing out on substantial sales volume by not pushing spend to the keywords and ads driving qualified opportunities. Without a strategy or data infrastructure to tie opportunity data from your CRM to your digital spend, you won’t be able to see the true impact of your marketing efforts.

Integrating your CRM data with media performance is an essential step to B2B digital strategy. The challenge is often finding the resources to make that happen. If you’re wondering how this strategy can affect your brand’s bottom line, read the case study in the button below.

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If you're ready to see these results in your own B2B Paid Search program, reach out to Rise.

06/25/2019 at 02:09

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