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The New Frontier of Programmatic: Video Heats Up

Display advertising has long been standard in most marketers’ toolkits. With its targeting, personalization, and measurement capabilities, the channel has evolved greatly with the introduction of programmatic. Now the capabilities of programmatic have expanded to online video advertising, even encouraging many brands to shift a portion of their TV budgets to the medium.

What it is
Programmatic video is an automated way to purchase digital video advertising. This efficient and effective approach uses real-time data to determine when and where to show video ads. It’s also an opportunity to leverage pre-existing TV spots and optimize them for digital or even create custom digital content. Brands can achieve many of the perks of TV commercials, while benefiting from the value, targeting, and measurement capabilities that programmatic offers.

Additionally, video provides expanded solutions for some of the previous limitations of display advertising. Where standard display ads may be seen as cluttered and easy to ignore, video can provide advertisers with a much-needed fix. For instance, pre-roll video is engaging, entertaining, and expected, offering value to the viewer, while cutting through the noise and delivering a brand’s message. Similar to how viewers expect TV commercials to interrupt their favorite programs, advertising pre-roll is universally more accepted and seen as less intrusive by users than traditional display ads.

Outside of pre-roll, there are a number of other forms video advertising can take, including mid-roll, post-roll, in-feed, and connected TV, each working to support a brand’s unique goals.

How to best use video in your marketing campaigns
Today’s consumers demand relevancy and their attention spans are continuing to shrink. If you can’t provide brand moments that align with your audience’s intents or interests, you’re losing out on market and mindshare. Video advertising creates an engaging online experience for users by offering ads that are comparable to the most familiar format: television commercials. In as little as 15 seconds, brands have the opportunity to promptly inform and visually entertain their audience. If the content is quality and your agency partner has the media buying tools in place to show ads to the right users in the right places and at the right times, the medium becomes a powerful platform for awareness, conversions, and retention.

At Rise, we use the primary benefits of programmatic -- advanced data-driven targeting and real-time inventory buying -- coupled with the benefits of video advertising to create powerful strategies that drive performance. Through our proprietary online media buying tool, the Rise Trading Desk (RTD), we’re able to even further maximize a brand’s impact by executing strategies that leverage video throughout all stages of the customer journey.

While video’s bread and butter resides in brand awareness, the RTD has created effective direct response video strategies through the inclusion of companion banners that accompany brands’ videos and can drive conversion-based metrics. With its unique blend of inventory, targeting capabilities, and retargeting strategies, the RTD has made programmatic video a dynamic medium for all steps in the customer journey.

Building trust & credibility
In addition to accurate targeting, it’s important to have a laser focus on authenticity. A study conducted by The Association of National Advertisers and WhiteOps found that 23% of video ad views are fraudulent. Your agency partner should be cognizant of this, and have technology solutions in place to ensure your video ad spend is not wasted on bot (non-human) traffic. Additionally, video impressions are more expensive than display banners, so it’s even more important that you have transparency into where your ads are being served and how your dollars are being spent. You should expect your agency to provide robust reporting that clarifies how your video media spend is working for you.

Our team works with industry-leading fraud detection and prevention tools and a unique blend of demand side platforms (DSPs) to ensure media dollars are being spent on quality inventory and valid audiences.

Expanding to streaming audio
Digital video specs are not limited to banner placements and pre-roll inventory. When you invest in creating captivating 15-second, 30-second, or one-minute video assets, they can be used across a variety of platforms. One of these platforms is streaming audio, which includes Pandora and Spotify, podcasts, and more. With streaming audio, the advertiser has the ability to advertise using audio alone, or to include accompanying video assets. By incorporating streaming audio into your video campaign, you’re able to reach a fully engaged audience, and one that is likely to be more receptive to your message.

The bottom line
So why are brands shifting big TV budgets to programmatic video? Unlike TV, programmatic video is measurable, targeted, efficient, and goal-oriented. This platform pairs the benefits of programmatic display with the stability and tradition of television commercials. For a fraction of TV’s cost-per-acquisition, you are able to reach the right audience at the right time and appear on platforms your users actively engage with, such as premium publishers, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Check out this case study to see how we recently helped Atkins Nutritionals more effectively reach and engage with its target audience through programmatic video.

Since appearing on the digital scene more than a decade ago, video continues to be an ever-evolving, multi-dimensional medium that is only becoming more sophisticated and offering marketers increased opportunities. To learn more about programmatic video and how to best incorporate it into your display advertising campaigns, reach out to Rise.


06/22/2016 at 04:11

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