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Cross-Channel Media Made Easy with New Connex Design

Marketers know that gathering impactful insights based on data can be a complicated and time-consuming process without the right tools. Quick and easy access to a wide variety of data points is key when it comes to netting the best results. That’s where Connex® comes into play: It’s Rise Interactive’s proprietary, cross channel media optimization platform that does the legwork marketers need. 

Rise’s expert Innovation Team is constantly pushing the limits to design and construct Connex into an even more impressive platform. After asking for, and listening carefully to, feedback from our own teams, as well as clients, we knew exactly what to do. 

The Big Reveal

We gave Connex a brand new look and feel that makes it more user-friendly and easier to navigate! 

New Features

The first thing you’ll notice about the new design is an overall smoother and cleaner user experience and interface. By combining all of the menu categories into collapsible titles at the top of the page, you can now more easily sort through all that Connex has to offer. This includes:

  • Updated cross-channel workflow, all in one place
  • Data and optimization tools 
  • More space for charts and visualizations
  • Brighter display 
  • Improved accessibility 

Take a second to dig a bit deeper and the improved cross-channel display makes its full appearance!

Connex not only integrates with all of the major platforms (Google, Meta, Amazon, Walmart, The Trade Desk, Snapchat and many more), but also provides custom optimization tools with Cross Channel Insights. The new navigation makes using them that much faster and easier to uncover opportunity across all of your channels, all in one place. 

Connex is here to constantly help you manage the data and insights that matter most, now with this new and improved design. We are excited to continue sharing what we have up our sleeve, because as we like to say: Rest easy, Connex never sleeps

09/16/2022 at 11:25