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iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection: How to Adapt Your Email Marketing Strategy

With iOS 15, Apple has announced the implementation of Mail Privacy Protection. This update will affect users who opt into the service and who use the Apple Mail app (regardless of which email service they use) on any device using iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and MacOS Monterey.  Read More

Closing the Loop on Media Spend

Throughout the many years Rise has worked with healthcare providers, we’ve witnessed a major shift from brand-focused marketing to targeted patient acquisition. As consumers are expose...

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Part 3 of The Incrementality Battle: The Right Technology

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What Will 2021 Bring Digital Marketers?

Every year at this time, Rise publishes digital media predictions from our leaders to help prepare readers for the year ahead in marketing. In January 2020, we predicted advances in the cookieless world, cross-channel sophistication, and… definitely not a pandemic. 

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How We Did It: Redesigning a B2B Digital Identity (Our Own!)

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What Marketers Should Know About Apple's iOS 14 Update

Apple’s iOS 14 update, set to release in the fall, creates additional challenges for digital marketers’ ability to interact with and identify users. Announced at the Worldwide De...

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How to Identify and Meet Your Audience’s Needs in a Website Redesign

Having an extensive understanding of your brand’s target audience and their pain points is a crucial component in creating a customer-first website.In a recent virtual event Rise... Read More

Creating a Data-Driven Vision for Your Brand’s New Website

Do you have a data-driven understanding of your audience’s behavior on your website?It’s essential that the pre-work of a website redesign project includes making the investm... Read More

Facebook and Google Data Privacy Updates Explained

It has been an eventful couple of weeks for data privacy updates. Both Google and Facebook have recently announced data privacy changes that in some ways sound similar to Apple's ITP 2.2...

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Apple’s Safari ITP 2.2 Update Explained

The rollout of Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.2 as part of the iOS 12.3 update has material implications for digital marketers, which will be felt by some industries and businesses...

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Facebook Analytics: Down the Funnel

Habits have changed when it comes to how customers interact with businesses online. They no longer go straight from discovering the business to making a purchase on that same device in ...

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Facebook Analytics: Tracking Customers Through Their Entire Journey

More than 40% of adults online start an activity on one device but finish it on another. They’re switching between devices to discover a product, to research it, and then to actually m...

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