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Part 3 of The Incrementality Battle: The Right Technology

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Rise Interactive Named 2020 Partner Collaborator of the Year by Invoca

At the 2020 Invoca Summit, Rise Interactive was named the 2020 Partner Collaborator of the Year by Invoca.

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Utilizing Marketers + Technology in your Paid Search Strategy

Machine learning and automation are buzzwords digital marketers hear a lot. The promise of leveraging these technologies is to free up human marketers of time-consuming, repetitive tasks so ... Read More

3 Paid Social Reports All Advertisers Should Have

What insights do you look for when reviewing Paid Social performance data? On native platforms, you may feel limited to conversion and engagement data. So how do you find out where you&rsquo...

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Compare and Optimize Paid Social Performance Across Custom Categories, Geos, and More

As advertisers continue to invest more of their budget in paid social to reach their target customers, it is becoming increasingly important to have a measurement framework in place that cle...

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Optimize Paid Social Campaigns Towards Smarter Goals Using Connex®

Take a moment to think about the metrics that your business uses to measure success overall. Maybe it’s top-line revenue, or margin, or EBITDA. Now, think about how digital marketing e...

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Why eCommerce brands need the right Paid Search reporting infrastructure

In order to be useful for marketers, reporting and analytics should be structured in a way that can quickly answer key questions. For digital marketing, and media specifically, tw... Read More

Sell Thousands of Products? Have a Search Budget Allocation Strategy?

For eCommerce brands that sell thousands or tens of thousands of products, determining how to allocate an overall paid search budget may not be a straightforward process. Based on t... Read More

Drive Success with PLA (Shopping) Ads

UPDATED June 3, 2020Search marketers know that there are some fundamental differences between text ads and Product Listing Ads (PLAs)—also sometimes referred to as shopping ad... Read More

Paid Search Budget and Goal Pacing Challenges at Large Organizations

At Rise, we believe that three of the most crucial questions any paid search manager should be able to answer are:What are your goals?What is your budget?How are you perfor... Read More

Make More Money Using Search Marketing with Technology to Automatically Create New Keywords

For brands with large, complex search accounts—whether they have hundreds or thousands of locations, massive product catalogs, or just need a high volume of specific ad placements&mdas... Read More

Successful Search Strategies for Large Organizations

One of the unique challenges that Rise encounters when working with large organizations that have multiple business units, geographies, or product lines is determining how to manage the... Read More