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How to Approach Competitor Search Term Management

Whether you’re marketing B2B or B2C, to the education or finance industries, or chasing leads or revenue, your non-brand keywords are going to appear for search queries that include you...

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Text Ads vs. Shopping Ads: The Power of an Integrated Search Approach

One of the largest challenges that eCommerce-focused brands face is understanding how to leverage all the different types of advertising that traditional search engines offer. More specifically, when should a brand invest in shopping ads vs. text ads? Read More

Your iOS 14.5 Questions - Answered

On April 20 in a press release about new products, Apple sneakily embedded major news for the future of privacy: iOS 14.5 is coming next week. Among its updates is a significant change for digital marketers: App Tracking Transparency. Read More

Changes to Microsoft Ads Engine Bid Strategies

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More Keyword Match Type Changes Coming for Google Ads

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The Incrementality Battle: A 3-Part Solution

At Rise, we routinely encounter the challenge of understanding what paid media is truly contributing to the bottom line for our clients.

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Essential PPC Planning Tips for Holiday Success

2020 has been a year like no other. Its level of unpredictability has impacted the way in which brands plan for their strategies.

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Making the Most of Google’s New Free Shopping Listings

Overview of the UpdateOn April 21, Google announced that they were “advancing [their] plans to make it free for merchants to sell on Google,” a powerful move at an unpreceden... Read More

Google Standard Shopping Ads Now Extended to Discover, Gmail, YouTube

A recent change to Standard Shopping campaigns on Google could potentially have a significant impact on the overall performance and reach of your search campaigns.As of March 4th, Google... Read More

2019 Paid Search eCommerce Cyber Five Recap

In what may come as a surprise to many, Cyber Monday came in fourth on the list of YoY growth when measured by gross merchandise value (GMV), which measures the total value of merchandise so... Read More

Utilizing Marketers + Technology in your Paid Search Strategy

Machine learning and automation are buzzwords digital marketers hear a lot. The promise of leveraging these technologies is to free up human marketers of time-consuming, repetitive tasks so ... Read More