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VIDEO | Prepare for the Metaverse Through AR Advertising

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VIDEO | Webinar on The Future of Audiences & Addressability: 3 Assumptions to Assess

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Switching to a New ESP: 3 Things to Consider

Transferring your email program to a new email service provider (ESP) can be a daunting task. Without proper planning, this project can end up taking more time and resources than anticipated...

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Personalization: You Are Ready, You Just Might Not Know It!

The race to personalization is on -- and brands that are making investments in providing more relevant, individualized experiences to their customers are winning. A study conducted by the Bo... Read More Recap: Transformation in the Retail Industry

Rise, along with our partner Quad/Graphics, co-sponsored and exhibited at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2017 event in Los Angeles at the end of September.The Quad... Read More

Print Personalization with Connex®

At Rise, we believe in delivering meaningful, personalized messages throughout a customer’s relationship with a brand. Our 1:1 machine learning platform, Connex®, is able to learn ...

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Audience Selection Using Artificial Intelligence with Connex®

As artificial intelligence becomes commonplace, our team is harnessing its capabilities to help brands increase relevancy for their customers.Today’s video illustrates how the audi...

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Q&A: Implications of Testing and SEO

An inherent goal of all website owners is to optimize pages to increase traffic and thereby increase conversions. Marketers are familiar with optimizations attained through SEO – and ...

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Multichannel Personalization with Connex®

Today we’re highlighting how our 1:1 machine learning platform, Connex®, helps marketers deliver meaningful and consistent experiences across all channels.Watch the video below...

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The Solution for Ad Blocking: Personalization

The use of ad blocking grew 30 percent globally in 2016, and 615 million devices now use it.Facebook has repeatedly made efforts to suppress ad blocking. Google has even gone to great le...

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Minute with a Marketer: Matt Taylor, GE Transportation

In this month’s minute with a Marketer, we speak with Matt Taylor, GE Transportation’s Marketing Communications and Community Relations Leader. GE Transportation was established ...

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The Importance of Personalization in the Evolving Customer Journey

There’s no doubt that the skills marketers need to be successful have evolved. A few decades ago, marketers operated in a Don Draper fashion, measuring success strictly in terms of mas...

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