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COVID Was a Test. Ulta Beauty Passed. Here’s Why:

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Developing a Cross-Marketplace Prioritization Strategy

As digital marketing channels continue to expand, retail media networks predict ad revenue will increase by as much as 75% on marketplaces. That is a significantly more competitive landscape for brands selling products online, making every decision that much more important. Read More

The Future of Retail & eCommerce: Q&A with Women at Rise

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, women on average make 94% of home furnishing decisions, 92% in vacations, 91% in homes, 60% in automobiles and 51% in consumer electronics. And you can find similar stats just about anywhere you look. Read More

Q&A for Retailers with Rise’s Amazon Experts

According to eMarketer, 49% of US internet users typically start their online shopping search on Amazon. By other reports, that number reaches up to 58%. The stakes are high for retail brand...

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Q&A for Retailers with Rise’s Social Experts

Two and a half years after Instagram launched their Stories feature, over 500 million users were using it daily. It should be no surprise to any marketer utilizing social media in their stra...

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2020 UPDATE | Driving Revenue Through Affiliate Holidays – It’s Not Just About Black Friday and Cyber Monday

An effective affiliate holiday marketing program boosts revenue and exposure beyond Q4. Reach out to Rise to plan your strategy.

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The Importance of Marketing to Profitability

Marketing has made a massive transformation from the days of Mad Men to become a data driven, quantitative, and scientific endeavor. The accessible data landscape has allowed marketing ...

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Why Brands Need To Go All-In With Amazon

Could you imagine life today without the internet? Probably not. We live in a society that is always connected and has access to more information at a faster rate than ever before. It&r...

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Amazon Does Not Want Your CRaP (Can’t Realize any Profit) Products

Amazon does not want your CRaP; that is, products that Amazon (through all its algorithmic genius) Can’t Realize any Profit.Originally a term used internally by Amazon, it has grow... Read More

Announcing the Rise Interactive Amazon Marketing Practice

Over the past 2 years Rise has built a dedicated Amazon team with more than 80 employees certified. Leveraging our robust and industry-leading digital marketing experience in search and prog... Read More

Tips for Amplifying Ecommerce Holiday Marketing

We’ve entered November and the most wonderful (ecommerce) time of the year is right around the corner. In fact, eMarketer shared that in 2016, the holiday shopping season started the w...

Read More Recap: Transformation in the Retail Industry

Rise, along with our partner Quad/Graphics, co-sponsored and exhibited at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2017 event in Los Angeles at the end of September.The Quad... Read More