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Breaking the Two-Year Curse: How CMOs can ensure their success—and their jobs

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Fuel the Brand Engine—and Hit the Accelerator: The future belongs to the CMO with a long-term view

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Rise Made Big Bets on the Staying Power of Media Data— It’s Paying Off Now More Than Ever

While consumer preferences, regulations and walled garden players will influence how marketers get their messages in front of the right audiences, the need for ad sellers to measure and prove their impact will never go away. Read More

COVID Was a Test. Ulta Beauty Passed. Here’s Why:

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3 Steps to Creating an Impactful B2B Email Marketing Strategy

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Business Goals, Budget & Buy-In: 10 Ways to Foster CMO + CFO Alignment

I have always believed that you can’t expect to achieve a goal — growth, especially — if you aren’t willing to put budget and resources against it. This is especially important in tech, where the only way to remain relevant and competitive is to continuously be innovating.

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4 Rules for Ambitious Companies to Play By for Faster Growth in 2022

There are different rules and operating models that companies need to embrace when they are in growth mode. In order to scale, end goals are important, but to position your organization for steady and sustainable growth, you must have certain elements in place. Read More

Automation Strategies for More Agility and Better Results During Peak Seasons

For many of our clients there is a make-or-break peak season that determines whether or not they will hit their company’s annual targets. Successful peak seasons have a number of key ingredients. Read More

Making the Big Advertising Algorithms Work for You

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Developing a Cross-Marketplace Prioritization Strategy

As digital marketing channels continue to expand, retail media networks predict ad revenue will increase by as much as 75% on marketplaces. That is a significantly more competitive landscape for brands selling products online, making every decision that much more important. Read More

Digital Marketing’s New Rules: Are You Ready to Play?

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Closing the Loop on Media Spend

Throughout the many years Rise has worked with healthcare providers, we’ve witnessed a major shift from brand-focused marketing to targeted patient acquisition. As consumers are expose...

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