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Affiliate Program Management

We act as a strategic partner on behalf of our clients, helping to optimize and manage affiliate programs every step of the way. Rise’s approach offers much more than traditional outsourced program management, and focuses on primary four primary drivers: relationships, technology, profitability, and innovation.

At Rise, we don’t take a set it and forget it approach – we are constantly optimizing programs on the singular affiliate level, which is critical to success and profitability. One-size fits all commissions are outdated; our team creates dynamic commission structures based off of margins, crediting logic, vanity code usage, and leapfrog percentage. This enables us to identify high-quality affiliates and secure top performing placements and content.

By integrating in-house customer relationship management platforms and our technology partners’ publisher platforms, we manage a diverse database of affiliate partnerships and provide our clients an immediate network of first-name-basis relationships. When recruiting new publishers, we heavily vet and prioritize prospects to ensure clients only work with affiliates that will add incremental value to their programs. Our team also reviews existing publishers on an ongoing basis, using custom reports to confirm marketing dollars are being spent most efficiently.

Unlike black box solutions, we provide attribution insights to show the value each affiliate and paid placement provide our client’s business. This helps further streamline campaigns and deliver maximum return. In addition to providing value and incrementality, we continuously make sure affiliates are in compliance with a brand’s terms and conditions. Our clients can be confident they are partnering with the most valuable publishers, driving incrementality, and maximizing profits.

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