Amazon Display (DSP)

While Amazon established itself as a top online retailer and eCommerce platform, they also made a name for themselves in the advertising industry by creating sophisticated media buying platforms. Amazon DSP, a self-serve Demand Side Platform, enables marketers to purchase media on Amazon’s owned properties as well as across the web. Their deterministic database of user profiles, along with browsing and purchase behavior, is incredibly powerful. Amazon DSP is the only place where marketers can leverage Amazon’s data in conjunction with buying media programmatically. This exclusive access creates more opportunities to efficiently reach current and potential customers in the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant ad placements.

How Rise helps brands leverage Amazon DSP

Rise quickly recognized the value of Amazon’s buying platform and built a unique, integrated Amazon programmatic service with the ability to leverage our expertise in both Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads. Whether managing clients’ entire programmatic efforts, or tasked only with Amazon, we bring programmatic expertise, a data-driven approach to selecting top-performing audience segments, and knowledge leveraging highly granular tactic-level reporting. The Rise team of Amazon programmatic experts has experience in:

  • Building cohesive, full-funnel strategies leveraging Amazon DSP audience data and inventory. Whether the goal is awareness, consideration, or acquisition, the Rise team is prepared to help brands reach potential customers in multiple stages of the purchase funnel.
  • Utilizing an integrated approach to managing media across Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads in order to maximize reach and efficiency while limiting waste.
  • Focusing on ROI in order to select the most relevant first- and third-party audience segments, allowing us to eliminate wasted media spend and only target individuals with relevant characteristics and behaviors.
  • Treating Amazon DSP as an extension of our programmatic strategy by continually optimizing towards top-performing segments, regardless of platform, and investing spend into the top performance-driving programs.
  • Providing advanced analytics and insights with a granular view of placement and sub-tactic performance. This enables our team to make optimizations quicker and our clients to understand how each ad placement performs relative to their goal.

Contact Rise today to have our team of experts manage your current Amazon DSP ads or develop a new display advertising strategy for Amazon.