Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, & Sponsored Display

Amazon offers the ability to purchase highly-targeted ad units through its Sponsored Ads platform (formerly AMS). These pay-per-click (PPC) ad units include Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, and Sponsored Brands.

The Rise Approach to Sponsored Ads
In order to capitalize on this marketing channel, Rise built a dedicated team of PPC agency experts for Amazon, along with proprietary technology and strategies to drive success. Additionally, as a leader in search, Rise is uniquely positioned to offer PPC management services for Amazon to develop and execute scalable Sponsored Ads strategies for our clients.

  • Custom Reporting: Rise has developed customized Sponsored Ads reporting that provides performance dimensions not yet available within the Vendor Central tools; this includes, but is not limited to, historical data (beyond 60 days), performance by category, keywords across Amazon and Paid Search, and brand vs. non-brand performance.
  • Integration: Rise leverages proprietary methods for incorporating Google Ads and Bing strategies as well as competitive insights.
  • Connecting Amazon media spend to Vendor Central KPIs: By connecting this data together, brands are able to measure the impact Amazon ad spend has on lifts in Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Purchase Order (PO) velocity.

Developing Your Sponsored Ads Strategy
Rise works with CPG, OEM, and Retail brands to determine the right mix of products to promote, account structure to build, bidding and keyword strategies to implement, spend level, and cross-platform reporting needed. We leverage our relationship with Amazon as well as experience in each of the major CPG, OEM, and Retail verticals to develop and execute a competitive and profitable Sponsored Ads program.

Interested in diving deeper? Our Amazon Consulting Experts frequently share their knowledge to help brands learn more about developing the right Sponsored Ads strategy.

Contact Rise today to have a team of PPC consultants manage your current Amazon Sponsored Ads programs or develop new Amazon advertising campaign strategy.