A+ Content and Store Management for Amazon

Once you’ve created your product details pages (PDP), the the final step of ensuring they are 100% retail ready is to optimize for conversion. One of the best ways to increase conversion on your PDP is to enhance them with A+ Content (enhanced brand content).

Another great way to drive traffic to your products, especially where you’re guaranteed to own the buy box, is to create an Amazon Storefront. According to Amazon, the combination of A+ Content and Amazon Store pages have proven to increase conversion rates by up to 10%.

How Rise Help Brands Create A+ Content

Our in-house team of expert graphic designers and copywriters enhance product listing pages with specialized A+ content. We take a data-driven approach to prioritizing which products should be optimized with A+ content and when. Once we’ve established the prioritization model, we take an integrated approach, with our media team and creative team working hand-in-hand.

Amazon Store Pages

Maximize traffic and volume to your Amazon products by creating an Amazon Storefront. Amazon Store pages enable brands to create a multi-landing page experience where products are curated in a personalized fashion. By experimenting with different landing pages and layouts, brands can maximize traffic and sales. Once Rise’s creative team develops the storefront, our Amazon team can then identify opportunities to drive traffic to those pages and maximize conversion.

Contact Rise today to have our team of content management experts audit your current Amazon programs or develop a new store management strategy for Amazon.