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Rise has a comprehensive display advertising practice that includes media planning, campaign building, optimization, and execution across all devices for banners, video, native, social, audio, and programmatic TV ads. Our display advertising services and solutions work across the customer journey from broad branding initiatives through direct response campaigns. 

Our proprietary technology for online media buying, the Rise Trading Desk (RTD), provides hyper-targeting and sophisticated tracking that truly sets Rise apart. With a unique arsenal of tools like audience segmentation, contextual targeting, geo-targeting, personalization, and site targeting, the RTD allows clients to invest their dollars more intelligently, delivering the most effective and relevant ads at the most efficient rate.

When we launch a campaign, we’re agile, open-minded, and hands-on; empowering our clients to constantly test and learn. They have full transparency throughout the entire process, and advanced attribution models hold teams accountable to performance. 

Rise has access to practically every visual impression on the internet, using the most sophisticated tools available to help clients reach their goals. It’s also the way we use these tools that sets us apart. We are technology agnostic and invest in thoroughly vetting vendors and test partner methodologies to ensure they’re sound. As early adopters for new tools, we can drive clients toward the best and most innovative solutions for their respective goals.

As strategic partners, we coach brands on navigating major changes in the industry, such as providing insight on viewability, sharing the latest information on non-human traffic, and helping them understand the latest in attribution technology.

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