Google Discovery Ads Management


At Rise, we manage every aspect of our clients’ Discovery campaigns, from strategy to successful execution and optimization, to help brands reach their ideal customers right where they’re at— on the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, the Google Discovery App or Feed, and Gmail Promotions and Social tabs— even before they begin actively searching. As a Google Premier Partner and leader in all things search marketing, Rise is uniquely positioned to offer Google Discovery services that achieve maximum impact and organizational return on investment for our clients.

Rise’s Approach to Discovery Ads

The Rise difference begins well before a Discovery campaign launches. Using our extensive knowledge of Google products and PPC (pay-per-click) campaign best practices, our experts work vigorously to create the right structure and setup of these campaigns, in order to breed and foster long-term success. This includes:

  • Conversion-Centric Creative Strategy: Our demonstrated expertise in strategizing attention-grabbing assets will help your Rise-managed Discovery campaigns deeply resonate with your target audience(s). The Rise team works closely with brands to recommend creative optimizations that keep a strong and consistent brand voice across devices and channels.
  • Goal-Oriented Campaign Configuration: Rise places extensive importance on each brand’s unique goals while also focusing on successfully achieving granularity and product profitability. Additionally, we execute an ongoing testing plan to continuously improve any manual inputs, like targeting and creative.
  • Custom Reporting, Including Real-Time Alerts: Through Connex®, Rise is proud to provide highly-granular, customized reports that allow brands the utmost visibility into ad, campaign, and other performance. Additionally, through Connex Alerts®, brands can configure real-time notifications to trigger when specified criteria is met— allowing our team the opportunity to shift your marketing dollars the very moment that a profitable Discovery advertising optimization becomes possible.

Contact Rise today to have our knowledgeable experts manage your existing campaigns, or develop a new goal-crushing Discovery advertising strategy.