Video & YouTube Advertising Services

At Rise, we use the primary benefits of programmatic technology—advanced data-driven targeting and real-time inventory buying—coupled with the advantages of video and YouTube advertising to create powerful strategies that drive results. As users increasingly demand content when and where they want it, programmatic video will continue to be a key touchpoint in the customer journey, enabling advertisers to provide a more customized user experience than traditional TV. Programmatic video enables brands to tell effective stories, reach potential customers using sophisticated targeting, and measure performance using advanced measurement capabilities.

Rise helps brands achieve success using programmatic video with:

  • Full-Funnel strategies: While video is traditionally used for brand awareness, Rise can further maximize a brand’s impact by leveraging video throughout all stages of the customer journey and across all channels, including mobile. Our team is able to create effective direct response video strategies through the inclusion of companion banners to help drive conversion-based metrics.
  • Compelling creative: We work with our clients on all formats of programmatic video, including in-stream, which can occur pre-, mid-, and post-roll; in-feed, which appears in or around content; interstitial ads; Youtube; and in-banner video. Recognizing that each individual is at a different stage of the customer journey, we maximize brand impact by recommending that brands leverage different lengths of content.
  • Granular audience targeting: By leveraging unique combinations of third party audience segments and targeting the right users at the most meaningful moments, our clients are able to use programmatic video as a powerful platform for awareness, engagement, and retention. Our Youtube initiatives pair granular audience targeting with Google’s advanced algorithmic targeting features and robust Brand Lift measurement studies in order to drive successful outcomes. Rise's expertise in both search and programmatic also uniquely enables us to create sophisticated audiences based on users’ intent, interests, and site and YouTube based actions.