Driving Leads from Affiliate Marketing with Pay-Per-Click 

Edgepark Breast Pumps

Edgepark Breast Pumps are committed to providing expecting and new mothers with breast pumps (through their insurance policy) at any point in their pregnancy. They work with 1,400+ insurance plans to make it convenient for moms to choose and order breast pumps, delivered straight to their homes. 

The Challenge

In the health insurance industry, legal restrictions on how insurance products and services can be sold make it nearly impossible to be able to use a traditional affiliate marketing approach. Our team was challenged to help Edgepark build an affiliate marketing program that was both legally compliant and a lucrative part of the brand’s digital marketing strategy.

The Strategy

The first step was determining causation between different levers of the Edgepark funnel. We needed to figure out how to manage ad performance within the legal regulations.  

To do so, we analyzed historical performance, competitor results, and industry benchmarks to determine that we could manage campaigns differently than the communicated objective AND incorporate the right optimizations to still exceed Edgepark’s goals. This required incorporating a new strategy with both our tactics and our partners.


1. Better Match Ad Objectives to Brand Goals. Instead of paying affiliate partners for leads, the non-compliant approach, we started to pay for clicks and impressions (CPC based), instead of leads (CPL based). By changing our digital objective in order to remain compliant and still meet the client’s goals, we found exactly what CPC amounts best correlated to exceeding the $20 CPL goal.

2. Leverage Supplemental KPIs. After the move to a CPC based model, we continued tracking the leads in order to still optimize clicks towards the leads, but avoid paying for them.


1. Collaborate with Impact for Ideal Partner Mix. Impact helped identify publisher categories that matched Edgepark's audience. We then used their systems to power the tech and tracking necessary for us to run compliant campaigns.

2. Turn Accountability into Results. We updates CPC payouts accordingly based on publisher performance and altered if needed. For example, if a publisher missed the $20 CPL goal, we would decrease their CPC rate until performance improved. Once results picked back up, we would increase their CPC rate. 

The Result






New leads generated

*On target with Edgepark's goal!