Increasing Engagement Through Video

Programmatic Case Study


Atkins Nutritionals is a leading player in the $2.4 billion weight control nutrition category and offers a powerful lifetime approach to weight loss and weight management. 

The Challenge

Following the launch of its new TV commercial campaign featuring actress and spokesperson Alyssa Milano, Atkins wanted to engage users in a more effective way, while driving signups for its Quick-Start Kit with a more efficient cost-per-acquisition.

The Strategy

Rise partnered with Atkins to find an effective way to counter the challenges of TV, such as commercial skipping, and translate its TV spots into digital assets that were optimized for online experiences.

Through The Rise Trading Desk, a proprietary media buying platform which provides hyper-targeting and sophisticated tracking, Rise worked with Atkins to strategize, build, implement, and execute a programmatic video campaign.

The prospecting strategy incorporated nuanced frequency and bid settings for the broadest reach possible and used insights from paid search, like geo-location and time of day targeting. The targeted approach also included whitelisting websites related to relevant topics such as health and fitness, and contextually targeting content pertaining to those topics on other sites.

In addition to contextually layered tactics, once users visited the Atkins website, strategic remarketing pushed them to convert by ensuring they were served impressions during optimal time periods following their initial interactions with the website.

Following the campaign’s launch, robust reporting and analysis allowed Rise to continually optimize Atkins’ campaign, thus further lowering the brand’s cost-per-acquisition.

The Result

By optimizing for a digital experience and creating a strategic mix of prospecting and remarketing tactics through the Rise Trading Desk, Atkins beat its cost-per-acquisition goals. In the three months following the launch of its online videos, Atkins saw impressive results across the board.


increase in registrations


increase in registration rate


lower CPA for online video vs TV