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Incredible Egg

The American Egg Board came to Rise with a desire to sell more eggs and a website that just wasn't making that happen. Rise conducted a thorough audit of the outdated Incredible Egg website and proposed a redesign that integrated search, analytics, UX, and mobile strategies.

The User Comes First

Site audits revealed that recipes accounted for more than half of the traffic to IncredibleEgg.org, yet users had to click deep within the site to access these pages.

Rise improved navigation and functionality and, as a result, the redesign drove 66,000 more visits, 40% more recipe shares, and 2,000 recipe downloads in the first month alone.

Greater Visibility  in Search

Thanks to shrewd SEO work, Rise reversed IncredibleEgg.org's declining year-over-year traffic, delivering 22% more desktop traffic and 87% more mobile traffic.

The new responsive site provided mobile users with a better UX, curbing high bounce rates, while best-in-class technical SEO, keyword, and content strategies boosted visibility.


Rise brought the Incredible Egg brand into the modern day with a cleaner, flatter design, more readable fonts, and an enhanced user experience.

Thanks to responsive design, the sleeker look translated beautifully across platforms.

75% More Eggs Sold

The redesign of IncredibleEgg.org improved its sales-driving effectiveness by 75%—the old site took five visits to sell a dozen eggs, but the new site took only three.

SEO captured users looking for meal ideas, quick-access recipes inspired them to cook with eggs, and a mobile-friendly site enabled all this at the moment of purchase in the grocery store.