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NorthShore University HealthSystem

NorthShore University HealthSystem wanted to remain top-of-mind with patients every day—not just when they needed immediate medical attention. Rise Interactive helped NSHS achieve this with a comprehensive content strategy based on identifying untapped audiences, researching search trends, and capitalizing on new business initiatives, such as the opening of NSHS’s Orthopaedic Institute.

From there, Rise researched, wrote, and designed highly shareable infographics to target the relevant audiences, trends, and initiatives. The design team gave the visuals energy with details such as pollen spores bursting from a flower in a piece on seasonal allergies. Since a successful content strategy depends on syndication, Rise ensured the infographics were posted strategically on NSHS’s blog and social channels.

Beyond their energetic and easy-to-digest designs, the infographics delivered these results:

1.5m +

Customers Reached


Increase in Social Followers


Increase in Blog Traffic


Increase in "Find a Doctor"

Shareable Infographics

Facebook Engagement