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For the 2015 holiday season, international jeweler Pandora wanted to accelerate sales with both its core audience and new customers. Rise stepped in with a two-pronged approach that combined a shrewd personalization strategy and innovative, rich-media units with ecommerce functionality.

Personalization Wins

Rise matched Pandora’s customer insights with its own multi-channel audience data to create a dynamic display campaign that targeted the right product to the right user at the right time, resulting in a $17 ROASwell above the campaign’s $6.90 goal.

Rise also obtained new customers for Pandora by detecting similarities between prospects and existing customers, then serving these leads with relevant personalized ads.

Holiday Sales Goals Crushed

The six-week campaign drove more than $2 million in revenue, helping Pandora to surpass its goals.

What’s more, the personalized banners helped Pandora beat its Black Friday revenue goal by 1.5x and its Cyber Monday goal by 12x.

A New Way  to Shop

Rise developed interactive banners that enabled users to browse featured products in-unit, giving them the ability to shop even when they weren’t on the Pandora site. 

To make the banners scalable, Rise armed Pandora with a set of templates that could be easily tweaked for holidays, sales, and other timely events.

Engagement Through the Roof

The rich media banners drove a 2% interaction rate—nearly 20 times a click-through rate considered good for your standard display ad.

Not only that, among the 2% that interacted with the banners, the average interaction rate was a lengthy 16.3-seconds.