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Blog / Affiliate

Creating Custom Affiliate Relationships

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When managing affiliate programs, marketers tend to treat the majority of their affiliates [...]

Blog / Email, Customer Experience

Five Tests to Maximize the Impact of Your Email Campaigns

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Email is a key component of most brands’ digital marketing strategies. In fact, a recent [...]

Blog / Analytics, Strategy

Closing the Loop on Patient Acquisition

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Throughout the many years Rise has worked with healthcare providers, we’ve witnessed a [...]

Blog / Social Media

Taking Advantage of the Latest Tools on Facebook and Instagram

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It may seem hard to believe that it was just five years ago when Facebook introduced mobile [...]

Blog / Analytics

Data-Driven Recommendations: Defining Multi-Touch Attribution

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Most marketers have a basic understanding of the concept of multi-touch attribution (MTA), but [...]

Premium Content / Analytics

Connecting Attribution and Media Strategy: A Meeting of Minds

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