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Q&A: Implications of Testing and SEO

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An inherent goal of all website owners is to optimize pages to increase traffic and thereby [...]

Blog / Customer Experience

Using Customer Feedback as an Agent of Change

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At a recent Integrated (formerly Internet) Marketing Leadership Series, we spoke with [...]

Blog / Analytics

Multi-Channel Experimentation & Personalization [Webinar]

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As digital marketers, we all know the success of our experimentation and personalization [...]

Case Study /

Retailer Direct Mail Case Study

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Blog / Connex

Paid Search Budgeting & Goal Pacing with Connex®

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This week, we’re sharing a glimpse into the Paid Search Budget & Goal Pacing feature [...]

Blog / SEO

How to Leverage Off-Site SEO Strategies to Build Site Authority

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In 2016, Google confirmed that external links were one of the top three ranking factors in [...]

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